APN Troubleshooting

APN Troubleshooting Guide

APN Troubleshooting Guide

APN Troubleshooting Guide

APN Troubleshooting Guide.  If you are Reading this page it means you are having some sort of issues with the APN Settings on your phone, which means you cannot browse the internet or your issue is related to the mms settings that makes you unable to send or receive picture messages, In case you are experiencing one of the aforementioned issues, you are on the correct place then!

Let’s start with the first issue – you cannot browse the internet at all.  If you are having issues with MMS, then please go straight to the MMS Fix page.

There can be multiple reasons that make your smartphone not able to browse the internet, we will go through all the related points just to make sure you have not missed any step during the setup process.

Please review this check-list and make sure you have them all completed.

Data Plan: First and most importantly, you must have a valid data plan, if you are not sure whether you have one purchased or not, please consult with your service provider.

Data Activate. Now that you know you have a data plan for the phone, please do make sure that the data is activated.

Wireless Off. Whenever we are troubleshooting APN Issues, you should turn off the wifi.

Correct APN Settings. Making sure you have the correct APN Settings is very important, they are unique and differ from carrier to carrier. Even same wireless brand can have different versions of APN Settings, especially on MVNO, e. g. Straight Talk have different APNs depending whether you are on T-Mobile, ATT or Verizon.  Please refer to the Special Troubleshooting guide for Straight Talk

Typo Issues. Make sure you type in the APN Exactly as they appear; sometimes they include long, special characters. Pay special attention to the dots, and port numbers

Check network mode: double check the data type your phone is trying to access. In the Mobile Networks – Network Mode, always try to use the automatic one (auto or auto connect)

Create a New APN. Sometimes editing an existing APN can be messy, try always to insert a new APN Setting, this way you make sure that no old-untouched values are interfering with the correct ones.

If after checking all these steps you are still not able to browse the internet, Please drop us a comment below and we will get back to you ASAP.  If the issue you have is with picture messaging, please check the below link for MMS Troubleshooting.

Latest Comments
  1. anne

    After trying to reconfigure the APN on m phone. My data to the internet still doesn’t work

    • apnsettings

      Hi Anne, which carrier and which phone you have?

  2. sasha

    when i go to access point names it wont let me click add….

    • apnsettings

      Hi Sasha is it gray out or you dont see the option? which phone model you have?

      • Scottie Judd

        I can not edit my apn

        • apnsettings

          Hi Scottie, is your phone unlocked? which model?

  3. Eco Mouse

    This one seems to have stumped both employees at MetroPCS and T-mobile.

    I am trying to get my Asus ZenPad 3S 10 (LTE version) to recognize the network. It does have a default APN of T-Mobile, so theoretically it should work on either carrier. But I have entered the MetroPCS APN info when I had an active Metro PCS SIM installed. And likewise at the T-Mobile store, they inserted an active SIM and could not get on the internet.

    Secondly, I actually found out that I can not add a new APN despite restarts, WiFi off, then WiFi only, no Data etc… I get the message the APN is not available to this user etc. Other times, I can go through the motions, fill out the MetroPCS info and hit save, and nothing happens. It still shows the T-Mobile APN in the menu, but nothing else I’ve added.

    I’m out of ideas.

    • apnsettings

      the Eco, did you try deleting all the APNs you have listed, and create a new one from scratch?

      • Eco Mouse

        Yes, and that’s when I get the message, “User can not create an APN…”

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