Alcatel A30 GSM Apn Settings

Alcatel A30 GSM Apn Settings

Alcatel A30 GSM Apn Settings

Alcatel A30 GSM APn Settings  One of the best value, hottest phone out there is undoubtedly the New Alcatel A30 GSM phone, which for a very low, entry level price you get a very decent smartphone which gives you high speed internet access

If you just purchase the phone over the internet (it is actually one of the top 20 best-selling phone on Amazon), and you have activated with a sim card from your service provider, chances are that you may need to setup the APN settings so that you can start browsing the internet

How to setup APN Settings on the Alcatel A30:

Setting up the Access Point Names or APN is pretty easy on the Alcatel.  First please make sure the phone is unlocked and enable the cellular data option on the phone while having the wireless turned off.  Like most android phones, you need to do the following steps:

  1. On the Home Screen, click on Apps > Settings.  You will see then Wireless and Networks.  Tab on More > Cellular Networks and then Access Point Names.  You can also follow the instructions on this APN Video Guide
  2. Click on menu and then New APN.
  3. You will then be required to type in the related APN information from your carrier.  In case you don’t have it, please take at our list of common APNs and select the one corresponding to your mobile operator
  4. Bear special attention on the APN, APN Type and the Port fields, type them in exactly as they appear.  Once you have completed, tab on Save
  5. Exit the screen and reboot the phone
Alcatel A30 GSM Apn Settings

Alcatel A30 GSM Apn Settings

If things worked properly, you should see a small icon on the upper right corner of the screen of your Alcatel A30 that shows either 3G, H, E which indicates that the data connection is properly established between the cellphone and the mobile operator

Open a browser and try loading one of your favorite websites, you should now be able to navigate properly.  Try also sending a picture message

In the event that you are not able to connect to the internet with the phone, please refer to our APN troubleshooting guide for further reference.

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