HTC One M8 Apn Settings

HTC One M8 Apn Settings

HTC One M8 Apn Settings

HTC One M8 Apn Settings

HTC One M8 Apn Settings.  The HTC One M8 phone, the successor of the HTC One, which ias one of the bestselling, hot Smartphones in the USA.  This phone was introduced  in march 2014, equipped with a 5.0 Inches Gorilla Glass 3 display, with Super LCD3 touchscreen displaying 16MColors.  You can find it in in both in a 16 and 32 GB version,  it is LTE capable and comes with Android 4.4.2 KitKat

If you have purchased this phone and wanted to use it for one of the Bring Your Own Device programs that a lot of prepaid carriers offers, then you would need to change, update or setup the proper apn settings for the mobile internet on the HTC One M8.  Don’t worry, we will guide you through this step by step and make sure you will be all set in a few minutes

HTC One M8 Apn Settings – Step by Step Configuration

It’s pretty much similar to most Android phones, very easy to access the APN setting Menu, Go to the Settings option in the main menu, or if you prefer, just Slide the notifications panel open and then tap on the settings icon (you will see a small gear-wheel)

Once in the setting menu,  Go to Mobile Data – Access Point Names

Inside the APN screen you should tab on New APN , using the menu button, we always recommend creating  a new one to avoid conflicts with other existing version of APN’s in your phone

When creating the New APN, you will need to type in the corresponding APN Settings for your carrier, if you need this information, you can refer to the links below which will give you the proper one, based on the carrier you have signed up to

After you have entered all required fields, tap on SAVE

Now please select the new created APN on the APN’s screen

Exit and Test your mobile connection

HTC One M8 Apn Settings – Complete list of operators for the USA

As mentioned above, in case you need the corresponding APN Value for your mobile operator, just select the one you are using and you will get the related apn values to be used on your HTC One M8 Phone

HTC One M8 Apn Settings Straight Talk

 HTC One M8 Apn Settings T-Mobile

 HTC One M8 Apn Settings – Verizon

 HTC One M8 Apn Settings AT&T

If there is more than one APN available for your carrier, , always try to use the LTE or 4G version, as they are the ones with better speed, but this will depend on the network capability on your area

Once completed the steps above, you should be able to  navigate, send and receive multimedia messages on your HTC One M8 now.  Bear in mind that sometimes people call them HTC One M8 MMS Settings, they basically refer to the same

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  1. raman

    i can’t get LTE option in Network setting

    • apnsettings

      Hi Raman, it’s not an option you choose, the phone will display LTE whenenever it is connected to the network with 4G LTE coverage

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