Family Mobile APN Settings – Step by Step Configuration

Family Mobile APN Settings

Family Mobile APN Settings

Family Mobile APN Settings – Step by Step Configuration

Family Mobile apn settings – Step by Step Configuration.   If you just switch over to Walmart Family Mobile cell phone services and you need to change or update the APN Settings on your phone, then this article is for you!  We will quickly help you setup the correct, most updated and fastest Family Mobile APN Settings on your Android or iPhone

Before we start configuring the phone, we would like to have some quick checks:  Please make sure you have a valid data plan for your phone and the data service is turned on.

Just in case you didn’t know it, The Family Mobile cellphone service run through the T-mobile Infrastructure – it is a so called mobile virtual network operator owned by the Walmart company.

Family Mobile apn Settings – Detailed information:

In order for your phone to be able to identify and connect to the correct server on your mobile service provider, your smartphone uses a group of settings called Family Mobile Apn Settings, which we will give you the details for you to type into the phone:

Name: Family Mobile
Proxy: Not Required
Port: Not Required
Username: Not Required
Password: Not Required
Server: Not Required
MMS proxy: leave it blank
MMS port: leave it blank
MCC: 310
MNC: 260
Authentication type: Not Required or just use the default value shown

Family Mobile apn Settings – Step by Step configuration:

Now that you have the necessary information to setup the APN on your phone, just follow these simple steps and you’ll be all set in a few minutes.  Just make sure you do type in all the information exactly as they appear above – please don’t omit anything, otherwise it might not function properly

  1. If you are using an Android phone, it is as easy as to go to Settings>More>Mobile networks>Access Point Names>Menu>
  2. Please make sure you do create a New APN and type in the  Family Mobile APN Settings we have listed for you above
  3. Save the settings, reboot the phone and test it – just try opening your favorite website in the browser

If you are running an iPhone, then go to Settings>Cellular>Cellular data Network> Under the cellular data section you will be able to use the Family Mobile APN Settings for you iphone

At this point you should be able to enjoy the high speed internet from the Walmart Family Mobile Data plan on your phone!

In case you get intro trouble and still cannot browse the internet or not able to send/receive multimedia messages, please drop us a comment below.  Just as an FYI, you can also check the official Family Mobile support site

Latest Comments
  1. Cache Evans

    My samsung galaxy was fine until phone died and now its like it wont connect to the network now. I tried multiple

    • apnsettings

      Hi Evans, you are not able to connect to the network at all? hav eyou checked your sim card with another phone?

    • Tawnya Johnson

      I got a note 5 and I wanna put this time on here onto my note 5. Can this be done? And I wanna get a new number as well

  2. B. Bailey

    The APN name, or whatever, and other info is slightly different from what family mobile sent through 611611. Is it just later version or am i doing something wrong? I have high-speed already. Will this APN add security or just be more clutter in my app trash and storage?

  3. Kim

    Just moved from 78410 to 79567. Corpus Christi to Winters, TX.
    Before move, no prob with multimedia in texts or getting on internet.
    Now.. Can’t send or receive pics and can’t get on internet without wifi.
    Nokia Lumia 530, unlocked from Cricket.
    Windows Phone 8.1

  4. adam

    is it just me or can the APN settings not be updated on the iPhone SE?

    I just got this device and activated (or so I thought) on the walmart family mobile network…..and data and texts do not seem to go through….though people can text me no problem…

  5. Christopher

    My note 9 unlocked is on family mobile everything works 100% but only text I cant recieve is from iphone users but they can recieve my messages

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