AirVoice APN Settings – Easy setup guide

AirVoice APN Settings – Easy setup guide

AirVoice APN Settings – Easy setup guide

AirVoice APN Settings – Easy setup guide

AirVoice apn settings – Easy setup guide.   In this article we are going to teach you how to quickly setup the APN Settings for AirVoice.  As you may know, AirVoice is a Virtual Mobile Network Operator (MVNO) from AT&T, which means, they are kind of a wholesaler that purchase the minutes and data from ATT and resell it to their customers, this being said, AirVoice uses the Infrastructure of the AT&T network

In order to get your phone quickly connected to the internet and being able to send Multimedia Messages (MMS), you need to properly setup the APN Settings for AirVoice, no matter whether you have a Android phone or you have an iOS device – iPhone, iPad, etc… they share the same APN – MMS Settings so don’t worry, you are in the correct place!

AirVoice apn Settings – Detailed information:

In order to make the magic happen, you will need to type in the below information exactly as they appear, without omitting a single dot!  For those fields that says not required, you can just use the default settings on the phone, no need to change

Name: AirVoice internet
APN: att.mvno
Port: 80
Username: Not Required
Password: Not Required
Server: Not Required
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 410
Authentication type: Not Required or just leave the default value

AirVoice apn Settings – Step by Step configuration:

These are the quick steps to have the AirVoice Apn settings configured on your android Phone – Samsung Galaxy, HTC, LG G4, G5, etc.

  1. As for the majority of the android phones, it’s pretty easy to get to the APN Menu: Settings>More>Mobile networks>Access Point Names>Menu>
  2. Once there, do make sure you insert a new APN and not edit the existing ones, then you can just type in the AirVoice APN Settings we have given you above
  3. Save and Exit.  You should now test the internet on the phone.  Be advised that sometimes you may be required to restart the phone

If everything was setup correctly, you should now be able to browse the mobile internet using the AirVoice Apn settings on your android or iPhone

For further details you can also contact the AirVoice support site

Drop us a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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