HTC One M9 Apn Settings

HTC One M9 Apn Settings

HTC One M9 Apn Settings

HTC One M9 Apn Settings

HTC One M9 Apn Settings.  In this post we will teach you how to quickly configure the APN Settings on HTC One M9 phone.  As you may know, this amazing phone was released last year in March, with it’s powerful hardware, it’s one of the hot selling phones in Amazon nowadays.

The HTC One M9 is LTE capable, which means you will be able to connect to fast speed 4G networks. Do make sure you have a valid data plan from your service provider which have 4G coverage in the area you live.

Before we proceed with the configuration on the phone, do make sure you have the data enabled on the phone and you’ll ready to go.

HTC One M9 Apn Settings – Step by Step setup guide

Like most android devices, it’s very easy to configure the APN Settings on the HTC One M9.  First, please get into the Settings menu.  You can get there either sliding down the notification bar on the main screen and then hit the gear like icon, or you can go into the applications and look for Settings.

Inside the setting menu,  look for Mobile Data , and then try to find Access Point Names

Now that you are in the APN screen please hit the menu  key and add a New APN , this will avoid messing up with existing APN’s which can create conflicts

You will then need to type in every detail of the APN Settings provided by your service provider.  If you don’t have them, don’t worry, most likely you will be able to find it here in our blog, just try doing a search for the APN Settings of the carrier you are using

Once the required fields are properly entered, SAVE and Exit

It is a good moment to proceed and do some testing with the newly setup APN Settings – try opening your favorite browser (e. g. chrome) and load some webpages.  Secondly, try sending some pictures messages – this was possible with the MMS Settings on the HTC One M9 we just setup during the process

HTC One M9 Apn Settings – List of valid APN’s

In case you don’t have the APN Settings for the carrier you are using, here are some of the major carriers in the US:

HTC One M9 Apn Settings Straight Talk

 HTC One M9 Apn Settings T-Mobile

 HTC One M9 Apn Settings – Verizon

 HTC One M9 Apn Settings AT&T

Look for the fastest, 4G LTE APN Settings for your HTC One M9.  If you don’t find your carrier in the ones liked above, just try doing a direct search.

Happy browsing using this internet settings on the M9!  Should you have any question, please drop us a message below and we’ll be more than glad to get back to you on that.

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