Three APN Settings

Three APN Settings UK

Three APN Settings UK

Three APN Settings – Step by Step configuration guide

Three apn settings – Step by Step Configuration Guide.   Looking for the correct and fastest APN Settings for Three?  Well, this is for you then!  We are going to help you setup the mobile internet settings on the smartphone, be it an Android (Samsung Galaxy S6, S7, HTC One, LG G4, etc.) or an iOS device (iPhone 6 SE, 6S Plus, iPad, etc).

You will be provided all the details and then detailed instructions on how to enter them exactly on your phone.  Ready?  Let’s get started then

Three apn Settings – Detailed information:

As mentioned, this is the latest APN Settings for 3 in the UK.  Please be careful when entering them, as missing any word or dot will make them to malfunction.

Name: 3 Internet
Proxy: Not Required
Port: Not Required
Username: not required
Password: not required
Server: Not Required
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 8799
MCC: 234
MNC: 20
Authentication type: Not Required or just use the default value shown

Three apn Settings – Step by Step configuration:

Now that you have the values to be used on the phone, let’s get into the correct steps to enter them on your phone.

for Android guys:

  1. You should get into these path: Settings>More>Mobile networks>Access Point Names>Menu>
  2. Now inside that menu, insert a new APN and enter the  THREE APN Settings provided above
  3. Save, Restart and test the connection.  You should see something that reads like 4G, 3G or H+ on the notification bar of the phone.
  4. Video Instruction:

If you are using an iOS device – meaning iPhone or iPad, please go to Settings, Mobile Data (or sometimes Cellular Data), then select Mobile Data Network or Cellular Data network and put in the information above

Again, the word 4G, 3G or H+ indicates that you are properly connected to the data network from Three UK

Please also check on the official THREE support site.  You can also drop us a comment below in case you need further assistance

Latest Comments
  1. Martha


    Recently I was abroad and despite my roaming being switched on I wasn’t able to get data 🙁

    What could be the problem?



    • apnsettings

      romain is usually for voice call only, by default most phones have the data roaming option switched off, you might probably want to check that… be advised that romaing data can be very expensive


    Hello, I’m french and I bought a SIM card ( so I have an English number, the problem is that I can receive calls and nothing else (I’m in Ireland right now ) and impossible on my LG KU990 to configure if you could help me, thanks

    • apnsettings

      did you try setting up the APN shown on the page?

    • Paul

      Seems to be a common Three problem on Android. Nothing I did on a Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge in USA would persuade the SIM to access data. Put the same SIM in an iPhone and it immediately worked fine.

  3. Dan Forth

    Exactly same problem in US with Samsung Note 8 with roaming turned on. Roaming worked fine in Brazil and Chile but here, with the same APN, no data, ever. SMS is fine. Very baffling. Hope it comes right when I get to Iceland!

  4. Scott robert keirs

    I intend to use this sim in my mobile wifi unit but I have set it up in my phone will it work scott keirs thank you

  5. Margaret Carson

    Hi I can not make phone calls or send messages.
    Phone keeps comming up with not assigned to network.
    I have tried putting a APN but to no avail.

  6. Hanuman Ram


    • apnsettings

      Hi, did you check all steps? we just added a detailed video in the post, please check that out

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