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APN Settings – Maybe we should first explain what are APN settings.   APN is the description for Access Point Names.  The APN or Access Point Names are needed to connect your Mobile Phone or mobile internet modem to the appropiate Servers from the Celular or Internet Provider so that you can have mobile internet access.

The APN settings are then the series of information needed to configure the proper information to your mobile device, this includes a list of parameters such as: Name, APN, Proxy, Port, User Name, Password, Server, etc.

APN-Settings.com is a website that provides updated, completed, accurate and easy to setup information regarding APN settings for different mobile operators in the world.   We provide information in English, mainly for the USA, Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand.

We review and update the APN Settings on a weekly basis to ensure the information provided is 100% accurate and in working conditions.  We have a team of Expert specialized in the telecomunication industry that researches and maintains the information.

if by any chance you find any information in this site that is not working or is wrong, please drop us a note to our email address: apnsettings507@gmail.com and we will update them immediately or likewise, if you are looking for some APN settings for a specific carriers in a Country that is not currently available in our website, you can also contact us and we will be more than glad to send you the correct apn settings that you require.

We also include a section where we give you detail step by step information on how to setup the APN Settings on each different OS (android, iPhone, Blackberry), there is also a Video section where we include step by step guide to enter the information.

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