APN Settings – APN info and Step by Step configuration APN Settings APN Settings – or also known as T-Mobile Germany is the biggest mobile operator in Germany, so in case you are using this carrier and you are having trouble connecting to the internet, chances are that you need to look into the APN Settings

The APN Settings are a set of values required for your phone to be able to connect to the internet and allow you to stream music videos or send and receive multimedia messages, in this article, we will help you easily set them up in just minutes

These settings are also called Internet Settings or T-Mobile Germany APN Settings, they are both referring to the same information APN Settings – Detail information:

Below are the values needed to be typed into your smartphone to properly configure the internet and mms settings on it, just make sure you enter them exactly as they appear.

Name: Telekom

APN: internet.t-mobile

Proxy: Leave in Blank

Port: Leave in Blank

Username: t-mobile

Password: tm

Server: Leave in Blank


MMS proxy:

MMS Port: 8008

MCC: 262

MNC: 01

Authentication type: None (or try PAP if you have issues connecting)

APN type: default,supl,mms

APN protocol: Use default one

Enable/disable APN: APN enabled

Some user experience issue with the APN value, if that’s the case internet.t-mobile you can try internet.telekom

What are APNs or Access Point Names?

The APN or Access Point Name are values needed for your phone to be able to connect to the network operator and browse the internet, that’s in a nutshell their definition.  In this case, the APN Settings or T-Mobile Germany APN Settings will allow you to connect to the Deutsche Telekom network and browse the internet on your phone.  This information varies from network operator, so it is very important that you set it up correctly in order to be able to use their services properly

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APN Settings – How to configure?

Below are some videos which shows the Step by Step configuration for the APN Settings: APN Android –   in case you are using an Android phone, you should go to  Settings > Wireless Connections > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names. Or you can follow the quick steps on this video: APN iPhone or iPad – for iOS users, on the Main Screen > Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network

For more information, you can visit the support website HERE  or you can also check our APN Troubleshooting Guide for further support