Samsung Galaxy S6 Apn Settings

Samsung Galaxy S6 Apn Settings

Samsung Galaxy S6 Apn Settings

Samsung Galaxy S6 Apn Settings

Samsung Galaxy S6 Apn Settings.  The Sixth Generation of the Samsung Galaxy S family has been announced in the Barcelona Telecommunications Conference this march, Samsung is launching two new members of the family – The Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge, which is somehow a curved screen variation of the normal S6.  It should be available as of April in the United States

The phone comes with Android version 5, Lollipop, and here we will teach you how to setup the mobile internet on it, so that you can take advantage of the LTE high speed connection the Galaxy S6 has to offer!

As mentioned, The Samsung Galaxy S6 android phone is LTE capable, in other words, it can navigate at very high speed, up to 100 mbps, depending of the carrier coverage, however in order for you do to so, you must properly configure the APN Settings on the phone

Samsung Galaxy S6 Apn Settings Step by Step Configuration

Like any other Android phones, you can access the APN Settings thru the following menu:

First go to the main menu of the Galaxy S6, and then select Settings.  You can also slide down the notification menu from the top part of the screen and select on the gear like icon to access the settings menu of the phone

Now please go to  Mobile Data – and then tab on  Access Point Names, inside that APN menu, please go ahead and delete any existing APN you might have there, then proceed to create a New APN by using the menu key

During the process of creating the APN, you will need to provide the valid  APN Settings of the mobile company you are using (e.g. Straight Talk, ATT, Verizon, etc.), don’t worry if you don’t have it, as we had provided this list of APN Settings on the below section, just go ahead and locate the one corresponding to your service provider

After all values have been introduced in the APN Settings, go ahead and SAVE it,

We recommend to reboot your phone at this point, and once it comes back on, do some testing: Browse the internet or send some multimedia text messages using the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge you have

Samsung Galaxy S6 Apn Settings – List of Operators in the United States

As mentioned above, we have here listed the most common APN Settings for the US operators, just click on the one that you are using, remember to enter them exactly as they appeear

Sasmung Galaxy S6 Apn Settings Straight Talk

 Sasmung Galaxy S6 Apn Settings T-Mobile

 Sasmung Galaxy S6 Apn Settings – Verizon

 Sasmung Galaxy S6 Apn Settings AT&T

If you have completed the steps above, you should be able to browse the internet on your Samsung Galaxy S 6 at this point of time!  Happy browsing and enjoy!

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  1. Jack

    I was having problems with connecting to net using my data sim on Samsung S6 smartphone but was unsuccessful in fixing this problem. But, on visiting your site, I followed instructions and lo and behold! It worked and I’m using net on my phone without any problems.
    I want to whether I can root my Samsung S6 smartphone anyhow? Any help about it will be highly appreciated!

    Thanks again!

    • apnsettings

      Hi Jack, rooting the phone will grant you super admin and be able to activate restricted settings on it, however, if the phone is under warranty, this will void it, so think twise before

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