Jio APN Settings – Dummy Proof guide

This is the Jio APN Settings Dummy proof Guide.  Are you having trouble connecting your Jio Sim card to the 4G high speed network that you are supposed to be able to enjoy on your phone?  If this is the case, we are here to help you out here, giving you the proper Jio APN Settings, you need on your phone and how to quickly set it up

As you know, in order for your phone to be able to browse the internet it requires some sort of routing information which is called APN Settings, this is used to identify the internet server on the provider side and thus allowing you to download and upload data

Jio APN Settings – Detail information:

In order to make the most of out your Jio Sim card, use the following values to setup your APN Setting, just make sure you enter the values exactly as they are shown, using the same case

Name: Jionet
APN: jionet
Port: 9401
Username: Not Required
Password: Not Required
Server: Not Required
MMSC: Not Required
MMS proxy: Not Required
MMS port: Not Required
APN Protocal: IPV4/IPV6
APN Roaming Protocal: IPV4/IPV6
APN Type: default,ia
Bearer: LTE

How to setup the Jio APN Settings for Android:

With the provided internet and MMS settings above, follow these simple steps to edit the Access point Names:

  1. First go to  Settings>More>Mobile networks>Access Point Names>Menu>
  2. Hit on Menu and Select Add New APN, type in the Jio APN Settings provided above, exactly as they appear
  3. Save the settings, Exit back to main menu
  4. Restart the phone and Test the connection

After finishing the configuration and you’re phone is connected properly, you should be able to see a small icon either with 4G or LTE in the upper right corner of the screen, meaning the connection with the carrier has been established and you should now be able to browse the high speed internet connection (you should be able to download between 20 to 25 mbps) Please try loading a website and sending a picture or video message. 

For further reference you can also reach out to the official Jio Support Site

If after the setup you are still having trouble connecting to the internet or not able to send multimedia messages, pls take a look first at our APN Troubleshooting Guide, and then leave a comment below with the issue you are facing.