Airtel APN Setting

Airtel APN Settings - India

Airtel APN Settings – India

Airtel APN Settings – Step by Step Configuration

Airtel apn settings – Step by Step Configuration.   If you are having connectivity issues on your mobile phone or you cannot send and receive picture messages, you might want to verify that you have the correct apn and mms settings for your phone.  In this post we will provide you the best, fastest and most updated APN Settings for Airtel (India).

Airtel apn Settings – Detail information:

Please type in the below information exactly as they appear, don’t omit anything.

Name: Airtel Internet
Port: 8080
Username: Not Required
Password: Not Required
Server: Not Required
MMSC: not required
MMS proxy: not required
MMS port: 80
MCC: not required
MNC: not required
Authentication type: Not Required

Airtel apn Settings – Step by Step configuration:

With the above provided information, follow these simple steps on your smartphone:

  1. For those using Android phones, please go to  Settings>More>Mobile networks>Access Point Names>Menu>
  2. Now try to create a new apn and type in the Airtel APN Settings that you have seen from above
  3. Save, Restart the phone and Test the connection

If you are using an iPhone, then go to the main menu and tap on Settings, then go to Cellular.  Please make sure that your cellular data is turned on, if this is the case, then go to Cellular Data Network – in case that you don’t see this option listed, it means your phone is locked and the APN Settings are pushed automatically from your network operator

In case you can edit, then use the Airtel APN Settings provided in the previous section, type in all relevant fields, save and exit.

At this point of time should now be able to run mobile internet using your Airtel Data plan! For further reference, you can refer to the Airtel Support Site

In the event that you are having trouble with these instructions or you are not able to browse or send picture messages, please drop us a comment below

Latest Comments
  1. andaleeb sajid

    I have iphone 6 plus. My airtel internet is not working properly and most of the time I cannot access internet for any app or chrome.

    • apnsettings

      Hi Sajid, when that happen do you have phone signal and do you see the data indicator (4G, 3G or E)?

      • Pradeep

        नमस्ते , मेरे पास Gionee M2 सेट है किन्तु Air tel नं 9928444553 मे न तो नेट मिलता है वह न ही डायल कर पाते हैं। समाधान करें।

  2. Sandhya

    Hi after doing this APN setting they r asking for MCC MNC without this I can’t save the APN setting and what about MMS setting can u please guide me

    • apnsettings

      can you try MCC 405 MNC 53? MMS settings are needed if you want to be able to send and receive picture messages, otherwise it’s not required

  3. sammy beig

    I live in a village and there is signal for airtel and my phone is 3g but when I enable my data on the data turned on but I can’t access to internet but when I go in the city its working

    • apnsettings

      Hi Sammy, could it be that there is no proper data signal in your village? does your phone get the data connection e. g. E, 3G, etc displayed?

  4. Nisha Saxena

    My internet is not working

    • apnsettings

      Hi Nisha, did you try setting up the APN Settings?

    • Bhart

      Data fast

  5. Adarsh Mishra

    My internet connection is not working please help me

    • apnsettings

      what kind of phone you have? did you tried setup the apn listed?

  6. Manish Kumar

    Very bad speed…. Airtel no..way 4g

    • apnsettings

      it depends on the coverage area, are you getting the 4G or LTE icon on the phone?

    • Gobi

      Bro neenga apn la apn name ku kila erukurathula aha nu change panunga server ethaye panunga and ipv4 la rendaume change panunga conform Nalla level la net coverage erukum sure..

  7. Manav

    Hey… my APN settings were set to default nd up untill recently my internet connection was working fine…… sometime back my phone dropped on the ground nd accidentally it’s battery came out while I was accessing the internet on my network…. from then on…. I can not connect to my data services nd my network signals are running fine…….. any solutions for that.

    • apnsettings

      Hi, did you try accesing the apn and editing it with the correct info shown on the page?

      • Anna

        I did all the steps with my Android phone, I have 4G internet, but its working only for using WhatsApp, everything else is not working at all,like I don’t have internet at all.I have been in lots of places in India. What can I do? Thanks

    • Vikas

      Airtel is chor…i am payin thousands of rupee every month as phone bill but my netbis not working….registered complaint also several time but no proper response except apology…..i am planning to move to consumer forum now

      • bhabani

        very is fraud..trai should investigate..i have been duped..very poor connection..

  8. sahil

    Hey. since yesterday, there is no Internet access on my mobile. ALthough i can’t access internet on monile, i can access it via hotspot. I tried yoursettings, but nithing’s changed

  9. Amit Kumar

    did everything. not working.

  10. Jenifer Fernando

    I don’t understand what to do with the apn…. What name am I supposed to type into it…. My recharged my Internet today and I wasn’t able to use it.. After some time I received a message saying I can’t use data unless I have a 4g sim…what are the other ways without buying a 4g sim

  11. Atif

    My phone internet is fluctuating.
    Sometimes it is coming and some time disconnecting. What should i do?

    • apnsettings

      in the same location or different places?

  12. Leena

    I have redmi note 6 pro.My phone internet is not working properly after doing the above setting

  13. chikaodili jane

    i am being ask to fill ppp dial number,bearer,APN protocol

    • apnsettings

      you shouldnt need that info… which devices are you trying to setup?

  14. Pawan Kumar

    I have 3g data and in my phone they don’t show H+. sign now what I do

    • apnsettings

      what model of phone you have? also it will depend on the area coverage

  15. Vaibhav Bhambra

    Hi. I am facing this ‘Sign in to network’ error for past 4 days. I added new APN settings just as instructed above and restarted my phone. The error is gone but my internet is still not working. The webpages say ‘You’re Offline’. I am using an Android phone.

  16. Mohameed

    Iam unable to get any message but if I change phone iam receiving messages

  17. Kousalya

    I have Airtel 4g sim. internet not working with Micromax p681 which is a 3g supportive tablet

  18. Antony

    Port: 8080
    MMS port: 80
    After this setting my 4 started. Outgoing calls started. But incoming calls are not working and Internet is also not working. My office is next to Bandra Hill Road Mumbai Airtell Gallery and they have a direct connection here.

    Before this setting ws done; there was no 4 network also available

  19. Rishi kumar

    Hi, I’m not getting 4g symbol on my mobile,even when the data is on,
    I tried changing the vpn but no use.and internet is not working. calling and messages are working

  20. Sunday

    I am unable to connect airtel network with my Samsung Galaxy m40

  21. Sanjit

    I am using motoe 2nd generation model mobile. It has 3g support only.using Airtel sim card. Internet is not working in my mobile.
    Could you please help to share the internet settings for motoe 2nd generation mobile.

  22. Kishore barman

    Good job it is really working

  23. Harsh Porwal

    i am facing a internet and network problem in magarpatta so can you please suggest.

  24. Kirt

    Internet not working, 4G is shown but net isn’t working, pls help

  25. Amit solanki

    Hey I m facing problem in calling I can’t call anyone if call is connected to anyone then less than in 1minute call automatically disconnected

  26. Raman

    Poor network

  27. Jayanthi

    I am using KG K8(2018) mobile bought in the US. I am using Airtel 4G SIM in India. With this mobile I am only able to get 2G internet. Kindly help me

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