Samsung Galaxy S5 Apn Settings

Samsung Galaxy S5 Apn Settings

Samsung Galaxy S5 Apn Settings

Samsung Galaxy S5 Apn Settings

Samsung Galaxy S5 Apn Settings.  The Samsung Galaxy S5, released in February 2014 is one of the most popular phones in the united states, it is the 5th phone of the Galaxy Series and this time with a bigger 5.1 inches display, featuring Super AMOLED with 16M colors, 2GB Ram and up to 32 GB storage, on the CPU side, it is equipped with a Quad-core 2.5 GHz Krait 400.

After 6 months of released, the Galaxy S5 is still selling very hot.  It was launched with Android OS, v4.4.2 (KitKat).  It should now be getting the latest 4.4.4 version soon.

The Samsung Galaxy S5 android phone is LTE enabled, which means that you can get very fast internet connection on it, the LTE availability is depending on the area and company you are signed up for the service though

Samsung Galaxy S5 Apn Settings Step by Step Configuration

As a standard Android phones, setting up the APN Settings on the Galaxy S5 is pretty easy and straight forward, these are the steps you need to follow:

On the main screen of the Galaxy S5, select Settings.

You should now be able to see Mobile Data – Access Point Names, hit there

Once you are in the APN, please delete any existing APN you have listed there, after that, please create a New APN

Now you need to type in the Correct APN Settings for your mobile phone operator, we have published a full list of United States mobile operator’s APN Settings for your Samsung Galaxy S5

After you have corrected punched in the correct APN Settings, you need to SAVE it,

Reboot your phone and test it, try browsing the internet and send or receive some MMS

Samsung Galaxy S5 Apn Settings – US operators

These are the APN Settings for the most popular operators, please select the one which you are sign off to by clicking on the link

Sasmung Galaxy S5 Apn Settings Straight Talk

 Sasmung Galaxy S5 Apn Settings T-Mobile

 Sasmung Galaxy S5 Apn Settings – Verizon

 Sasmung Galaxy S5 Apn Settings AT&T

Please bear in mind that there might be more than one APN Setting for the specific carrier, as general rule, try to use the LTE one before, if this one doesn’t work, then delete it and try using the other APN Settings listed.  Now you should be able to send and receive MMS settings on your Galaxy SV Android Phone

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  1. maya

    How does one delete apn settings there seems to be no option

    • apnsettings

      on Maya, you need to first get into the specific APN on the S5, then inside there you should see (More) – Delete APN

  2. Amy

    Can you please give the APN settings for Net10?

  3. Amy


  4. Dylan

    what if apn is grayed out and i cannot reset to defaults of delete ?

    • apnsettings

      can you add a new one? your phone might be locked

  5. Please Help

    Spell check made APN turn into the word son and did not see it untill it was entered, Sorry

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