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Straight Talk Group Messaging Not Working

If you are using Straight Talk as your mobile provider and you are experiencing issues with the group messaging services (either SMS or MMS),

New Jio 5G Beta APN Settings

Jio just recently released a new APN Settings for their in house 5G testing.  You can try changing the APN Settings on your phone

No MMS Straight Talk Verizon

No MMS Straight Talk Verizon – If you are using Straight Talk on Verizonnetwork and you’re note able to send or receive picture multimedia

Cannot Receive Texts on Android

Having issues with your text messaging service on your Android Phone? If you are not able to receive Texts or SMS on your phone,

Most Popular Mobile Phones of all time

Have you wondered which is the most popular mobile phone brand of all time? Could it be Nokia, Samsung or Apple? well, you will

How Smartphones have killed the Digital Camera Industry

As smartphones became popular and added good quality integrated camera into it, this has directly impacted the sales of digital cameras. The first Smartphone

Easy Fix NO SIM INSTALLED error on ANY iPhone

The No SIM installed error message is a quite common error message we see on the iPhones, It can happen on any iPhone, iPhone

GOOGLE PIXEL 3 Apn Settings

GOOGLE PIXEL 3 Apn Settings.  One of signature phones from Google is without any doubt the Pixel 3 phone, with a very powerful hardware

Cannot Save APN Settings

We have seen a lot of users having issues with the APN or MMS, where in many cases they either cannot access the internet


SAMSUNG GALAXY FOLD Apn Settings.  The World’s biggest smartphone manufacturer has just accounted the launch of its new line of Galaxy Phones:  Fold It’s