No MMS Straight Talk Verizon

Straight Talk Verizon No MMS Fix

No MMS Straight Talk Verizon – If you are using Straight Talk on Verizon
network and you’re note able to send or receive picture multimedia messages (MMS), you should review the settings we are providing you below

As you may know, Straight Talk is a mobile virtual network operator (mvno), which uses the network infrastructure from AT&T, T-mobile, Verizon and Sprint.  This means different straight talk customers will have their own APN MMS settings depending on the network
they are using

If you are experiencing data or mms issues, the first thing to verify is to
make sure you have the correct APN Settings, you can check this article for the different APNs on Straight Talk

Please check this video for step by step instructions on fixing No MMS issues

No MMS Straight Talk version APN MMS Settings

To setup the data and MMS on your Straight Talk Verizon phone, please use
the below settings:

Name: Straight Talk


MCC: 311

MNC: 480


APN Type: Default,dun,supl

APN Protocol: IPv4/IPv6 APN Roaming Protocol: IPv4 Bearer: HSPA, GPRS, EDGE, eHRPD,

Mobile Virtual Operator Type: GID

Mobile Virtual Network Operator Value: BAE0000000000000

To set it up on your android phone, go to Settings, Connections (or More), Mobile Network, Access Point Names and Add a New APN.  Type in the info provided above, Save it, reboot the phone and try sending a MMS or ask someone to send you one to see if it is working.

No MMS Straight Talk Verizon alternative solution

If after putting in all the information above you can browse the internet but still not able to receive MMS, I’d suggest downloading an app so that it replaces the default messaging app on your android phone

For this, you can go to the Google Play Store, and download Google Messages or Textra SM

Once installed app, please enable the auto-retrieve MMS option so that the MMS are download automatically once they are received and you wont
need to manually perform the download