HTC One M10 Apn Settings

HTC One M10 Apn Settings

HTC One M10 Apn Settings

HTC One M10 Apn Settings

HTC One M10 Apn Settings.  This time we will provide you quick steps on setting up the APN Settings on the HTC One M10 or also referred to as HTC 10.

This phone has just been released in May 2016 and is now one of the newest phones people are behind.  It’s equipped with LTE 4G capability, 5.2 inches bright display which comes with Corning Gorilla Glass generation 4 and 4GB of RAM.  Internal memory comes in 32 and 64 GB version with expandable external memory of up to 200 GB

Now that you know a little bit more about your new toy, let’s directly jump into configuring the APN Settings on the HTC 10

HTC One M10 Apn Settings – Detailed configuration steps

It’s fairly easy to setup the APN Settings on the HTC 10.  You will need to go to Settings, Mobile Data, and then look for Access Point Names

Inside the APN screen, use the option menu to Add a New APN.  You will then be asked to input all necessary details of the APN used by your mobile operator (if you don’t have them, don’t worry, we’ll provide them to you in the next section)

After you enter all details into the APN, you will be required to save and exit the settings

Please now go ahead and try loading some websites to test the connection.

HTC One M10 Apn Settings –detailed APN information

Next are a list of most popular APN Settings for the USA.  Locate the one you are using and open the link.

 HTC One M10 APN Settings Cricket Wireless

HTC One M10 APN Settings Simple Mobile

 HTC One M10 Apn Settings Straight Talk

 HTC One M10 Apn SettingsMetro PCS

If there are more than one version of the APN available, try to use the one that says 4G or LTE, as that way  you will be able to get the most out of your HTC M10 phone.  Sometimes these settings are also called HTC M10 MMS Settings, but they refer to the same thing, you will not need to setup additional things.  You can also test them by sending some multimedia messages

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