Samsung Galaxy Fold APN Settings

SAMSUNG GALAXY FOLD Apn Settings.  The World’s biggest smartphone manufacturer has just accounted the launch of its new line of Galaxy Phones:  Fold

It’s a phone with a foldable 7.3-inch screen!  Yes, it’s a foldable screen and will revolutionize the smartphone industry in term of design and usability


The Galaxy Fold will come in very handy when you need that extra screen size to stream some movies in Netflix or that latest music video from Youtube.  Also for apps like Google maps (which Samsung confirmed compatibility with the fold screen) or for gamers, who will definitely enjoy the big screen

Samsung Galaxy Fold APN Settings
Samsung Galaxy Fold APN Settings

The phones will be available starting April, but if you are one of the lucky guys who already got a demo phone and would like to setup the APN Settings on it, we’re here to help on that!

SAMSUNG GALAXY FOLD Apn Settings – How to setup

The Galaxy folds come with the standard Samsung – Android OS, so for setting up the APN on the phone you should just go the Home Screen and tab on the Menu key.  Then hit on Settings.  Or you could also try sliding down the notification bar on the top of the phone and tap on the icon that looks like a gear

Now please go into Networks, and then Tab on More and Mobile Networks.

You will see now the Access Points Names menu.  This is the place where we can add, edit and tweak the phone’s apn and mms settings

Tab on Menu and select Create New APN –  You should now input all the related APN info that correspond to your mobile phone provider.  If you don’t have that, just do a quick search on our site and you’ll most likely find the one you need

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Please type in everything as they are shown, including the special signs, upper and lower cases.  Bear special attention to the MMS Type field, this is very important if you want to send or receive MMS messages.  For Samsung you should usually find an option that says Internet+MMS (or a radio button to select)

Once you finish, press Save and Exit to main scree.  You should now see a small icon on the upper right corner of the screen that either show 3G or 4G / LTE.  In case you have any trouble configuring the data settings for the Samsung Galaxy Fold, please take a look at our Data issue fixing guide for further instructions