Solution for Straight Talk MMS issue

Solution for Straight Talk MMS issue

Solution for Straight Talk MMS issue

Solution for Straight Talk MMS issues.  In the past two years we have written a few articles regarding how to solve the different issues people are facing with Straight Talk MMS feature, mainly not been able to send or receive picture messages.

Every day we receive many questions from our readers seeking for a definitely solution for this issue, it seems that there isn’t any one fix for all solution available, hence we really need to go case by case basis, however there is a very common issue that is creating most of the issues, and this is closely related to the MMS Type field

Apart from using the correct MMS values, there is a field called MMS Type, which is the one in charge of indicating whether the set of values is used only for data purpose or it also contains MMS related settings, and we’ve seen that many people don’t use the proper settings on this field, leading to the frustration of not being able to send any picture messages.

This happen mostly with Android devices, mostly different version of Galaxy S3 and up… S4, S5, S6, S7, Captive, etc.

Solution for Straight Talk MMS Issue– Ultimate fix

As mentioned, it is very important that we use the correct values in the different APN Settings fields, and it is up most important the MMS type when we are facing MMS issues.

Solution for Straight Talk MMS issue

Solution for Straight Talk MMS issue

If you have facing issues with the picture messaging services with your carrier (in this case Straight Talk), please open the APN Settings you have a take a look at the MMS Type field

We recommend to use these set of values:  (with a comma in between, NO SPACES)

APN Type: default,hipri,mms,supl,fota

The complete settings for your reference:

Name: st

APN: tfdata

Proxy: Leave empty or default

Port: Leave empty or default

Username: Leave empty or default

Password: Leave empty or default

Server: Leave empty or default

MMSC: http :// (make sure no space in between)

MMS proxy:

MMS Port: 80

MCC: 310

MNC: 410

Authentication type: Leave empty or default

APN Type: default,hipri,mms,supl,fota  (as mentioned above, no spaces in between)

Wee hope this helps you recover the picture messaging functions on your straight talk phone!  In case you have other issues related to the Data setting, pls take a look at our APN Troubleshooting Guide

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  1. brian

    worked like a charm! Thanks

    • apnsettings

      Great Brian! which specific settings did you change which fixed your issue?

  2. Olga

    Thank you guys, it works!

  3. Jennifer

    Thank you!! I had to use your APN settings, it worked! Thanks again so much!! God bless!!!

  4. Sarah

    This worked for me. However, I noticed a typo. Three “t”s in htttp under MMSC. I removed one “t”, and it worked. Hooray!

  5. Carla

    I changed all applicable fields and it worked!! Thanks!

  6. Lana

    Thank you so much–it worked! Have spent countless hours on-line, phone & texting with ST CSRs for 2 days trying to resolve to no avail. Sure wish I would have looked here first!

  7. Charlotte

    Text APN to 611611. This will reset APN settings, and you will be able to attach photos using TMobile as carrier on straightalk.

    • Rhonda

      Does anyone know the APN settings for Straight Talk Verizon. I can’t send or receive pictures or MMS?

  8. Julie

    I have a verizon contracted note 10 plus but am using the straight talk Verizon sim I am not able to receive or send mms messages which expire today anyone with any help would be appreciated

  9. Dave

    Thanks for this it worked great!

  10. darrell

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 from Verizon. I cannot use MMS with straight talk. They first said my phone didn’t have that capability, then they said I needed to do a factory reset, then this last one he work on things for an hour and finally said Samsungs from Verizon wont work on they network. I have tried all the settings here and no luck, any other suggestions?