New MMS Setting for Straight Talk

New MMS Setting for Straight Talk 2016

New MMS Setting for Straight Talk

New MMS Setting for Straight Talk.  If you are using Straight Talk and you are experiencing issues sending or receiving picture messages or MMS – Multimedia Messages, then please pay close attention, as you might need to update your Straight Talk MMS Settings, which we will show you in just a minute

You may probably know already, the MMS Settings are required so that your phone can properly be configure to send or receive multimedia messages.  If this setup is missing or wrong, then you’ll run into trouble

New MMS Setting for Straight Talk – Correct value:

As we mentioned, if you are having trouble sending or receiving multimedia messages, you may want to check the APN – MMS Settings on your straight talk phone.  To do so, please follow these few steps:

For the Android Users, it’s pretty easy, go to the Settings menu (you can also slide down the notification menu and tab on the gear like icon), and then look for Mobile networks (in some versions you may need to click on More first), after that, you will see Access Point Names go in there.  Inside the menu, look for the Straight Talk MMS Settings.

You will most likely see something like this:

Name: straight talk
APN: tfdata
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 410

Try to update the portion related to the MMS Settings, under MMSC and MMS_APN_TYPE:


MMS_APN_TYPE          default,mms,supl

Save the settings, Exit and try sending / receiving some Multimedia Messages

New MMS Setting for Straight Talk 2016

New MMS Setting for Straight Talk 2016

If the above MMS Settings does not fix your issues, then you may need to perform some additional troubleshooting steps.  Please refer to the Straight Talk MMS Issues complete troubleshooting guide where we provide a step by step approach on determining the correct fix for the MMS Issues.

If you have further questions on this, please drop us a message on the comments section below and we’ll try to get back to you as soon as possible, but before doing so, please do make sure you have gone through the steps provided in the MMS Issues guide.

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  1. Gary Roberts

    I’ve tried all these settings, including the go sms pro app, and still get the message unable to download at this time please try again later. Or it will say please turn on mobile data, when it has always been on. I have a lg g flex d950 from art with 4.2.2
    Thank you. Please help

  2. Misty

    My boyfriend messes with this alot an look up different apn he’s got different stuff like this . Does it mean he’s using it to cheat would u Kno ? I have different things I could send u that he uses an maybe u could tell me what it is ?