Straight talk mms not working – Complete Troubleshooting Guide

Straight talk mms not working

Straight talk mms not working – Complete Troubleshooting Guide

Straight talk mms not working – Complete Troubleshooting Guide.  There are many folks out there that are having trouble with their Straight Talk MMS Settings, mainly not able to send or receive MMS on their Straight talk phone.  This troubleshooting Guide is aimed at those guys who have already setup their Straight talk MMS Settings and are still not able to send or receive MMS on Android, if you are having this issue, please continue Reading, otherwise if you are looking into how to setup the MMS Settings for your phone, you should read THIS.

A few things can cause the Straight Talk MMS not working issue, these Straight Talk MMS problems seems to be very common, especially when people switch from another operator or recently changing to an LTE phone.  The most common reason causing the Straight Talk MMS not to work are related to wrong setup on the MMS Settings, either having the wrong configuration or missing the correct MMS Proxy or Port.  Let’s get it done!

Straight talk MMS not working  Step 1 – Verifying the MMS Settings

Please verify that your phone actually have the proper Straight talk APN  or MMS settings in Place.

Please go to Settings > Wireless Connections > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names and verify that your values match these ones:

APN: wap.tracfone
Port: 8080
MMSC: http://mms.tracfone
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 8080
MCC: 310
MNC: 410

Save the settings, restart the Phone and TEST.  If the above settings don’t work for you, please try changing to these values:

APN: att.mvno
Port: 80
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 410

Save and Try again.

Straight talk MMS not working  Step 2 –  Verify your SIM

If you recently changed your Phone and you are using and old version of the SIM cards, sometimes this might be the problem.  This is more relevant on the LTE Phones,  and if you just recently ported your number from another operator, it might take a few days for it to replicate the settings over, in this case, just wait a little bit.

Straight talk MMS not working  Step 3 –  Install an MMS App

Straight talk mms not working

Straight talk mms not working

If the above two steps doesn’t solve the issue and you are still not able to send, receive or Download MMS on your Straight Talk Phone, you can try downloading the GO SMS Pro APP, which seems to solve the issue for many people having this problem.  This app also gives you additional features such as auto-reply, 800+ emotions and it’s completely Free.

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Latest Comments
  1. hollie

    Hey guys I tried forever to fix the sms on my Galaxy S4 then I accidentally hit default apn by pressing menu while on apn screen so I put the settings that gave me data before back in and suddenly my sms started working. The only difference I can see is before my authentication type was none and now it just has not set in the box. Hope this helps someone

  2. Jason Robertson

    I’ve tried everything at this point. Still cannot receive MMS messages. I can send them fine, just cant receive. I’ve read that some people are able to after the new service plan takes affect. Mine did today….still no luck on receiving MMS. This is very frustrating. I’m thinking I’ll give straight talk one more month before searching for another service. When I tested straight talk out for the first time on my AT&T SG3, all messaging and data worked perfectly, even receiving MMS. As soon as I ported my number over from verizon and switched SIMS, receiving MMS no longer works. I’ve spent a lot of time on the phone with straight talk customer service. All they can tell me is their canned answer of, “Sir, MMS working is a 50/50 chance with BYOP.” Then I say, “Can you explain to me why it worked with the original straight talk number I was given and the first SIM card, but not after I ported my number and switched SIMS?” Their response, “Sir, MMS working is 50/50 with BYOP.” UNACCEPTABLE!!

    • apnsettings

      Hi Jason, it’s really strange. did you have a chance to test this SIM in another phone? (perhaps you can borrow one and try?) did you try the app?

  3. Jason Robertson

    I spoke to soon. Literally as I was typing the last message, I gained the ability to receive MMS. I forfeited two days of my service plan and started a new one because I had no more patience. When the new service plan kicked in MMS receiving magically started working! Wow, weird

    • apnsettings

      Great to know! As I mentioned, sometimes it takes a few days to replicate the settings over when you port your number

      • jason

        It took more than a few days. It didn’t start working until 28 days later when I added a new months service plan.

      • austin


        • apnsettings

          HI austin, what do you mean it will not save? what ahppens afer you type int he straight talk apn settings on the phone and hit save? did you create them from scratch?

          • David Morgan

            After trying 1 dozen times from 2 or 3 sites . . . and getting the same results as Austin and Becky . . . I have noticed that the setting in MNC (listed above as 410) in my phone was 260, and when I changed it to 410 as above, my phone would not save the setting- it just vanished. The last time I tried, I used the settings in the first example WITHOUT changing the 260 in MNC, and it DID save. Moments later I started receiving items from the past two days!

          • apnsettings

            Hi David, is your phone originally from T-Mobile? 260 MNC belongs to T.Mobile, it oculd be LOCKED to that network preventingy you to change it to 410 which is ATT

        • Becki

          Same here. When I save it, it never shows up! If I edit one thats already there, it vanishes!

          • apnsettings

            Hi Becki, try deleting all APN’s and start a new one from Scratch

    • Coralee

      does the above work for any straight talk phone?

      • apnsettings

        Hi Coralee, it does work. are you still having trouble with text?

  4. tommy

    I recently called straight talk about my sync not first my apn was ATT MVNO after they troubleshooted my phone it says tfdata. Now I can’t download any mms but I can send. Those apn above didn’t work for my phone. What can I do so I don’t end up having to change service?

    • Frances

      Been trying to get mms working for two months now. Phone has been up to date each month. Has spent more time talking to customer service than I like. I follow their instructions then send myself a pic and it seem to work. Hang up have someone send me a pic and I send that person a pic, and nothing. I work from my phone and need to send pic at times when speaking to someone. I can only send pic through Facebook messaging and that can be a problem as everyone does not have facebook/messaging. Thus may be my last month with Straight Talk for mms issue. Service is good, better then some big companies. Fix this issue, please. Ms Scribner

  5. Lindal

    I just switched from tmobile to straight talk today. Having the same problem can send mms but not receive. Tried the app still doesn’t work. Very frustrating. Any suggestions?

    • apnsettings

      Hi Lindal, sometimes it takes a few days for the settings to port over… is it working now? or you still have the issue?

  6. JB.NYC

    I finally got it to work using the following settings:
    Name: Straight Talk (but you can name it whatever you like)
    APN: tfdata
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Port: 80
    APN Type: default,mms,supl

    *Also in (MMS Proxy) you can try:*
    The settings are set for an AT&T sim card from Straight Talk.

    I spent the past few days trying every combination of APN settings, but what I wasn’t doing each time was deleting all previous APN’s/rebooting and entering a new APN/rebooting again…so basically I recommend to try all APN settings again but in this order:
    1. Delete all APN’s
    2. Reboot phone
    3. Enter new APN
    4. Reboot phone
    5. If it doesn’t work try a new APN setting starting from Step 1.
    Good Luck All 🙂

    • Ryan

      After everything else I tried, THIS is what worked for me. I had to click mms in the APN type area. Thanks so much!

      • apnsettings

        glad to know it helped, Ryan

    • Dré

      That worked for me. I kept what the cs rep told me to put but I just changed the APN type and now I’m in business. I’ve been with the Str8Talk byop program since March 2014 and I’ve never been able to send nor receive pics until today. Thanks a million times bro

      • apnsettings

        glad to know it worked for you Dude!

    • Lauren

      I’ve tried so many different APNs and this finally worked after over a year not being able to use mms. StraightTalk gave me the same setting except the MMS Proxy was mms3.. When I put in the one with mms2 it worked! Thank you very much!

      • apnsettings

        HI Lauren, glad to know you have fixed your mss issues on straight talk!

      • betty

        I love you. I had everything right EXCEPT the 2. Thank you

        • apnsettings

          great to know Betty. Enjoy!

          • Jan Schwab

            Me too! Straight Talk gave me settings with a 3, and it did not work. When I changed it to a 2, it worked. Thanks so much! I can finally send AND receive photos.

          • apnsettings

            Hi Jan, glad to know it fixed your mms issue!

    • Katie

      THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I have tried everything on every other forum. I don’t know exactly what part of your settings worked but I know all the others I tried did’t specify an APN type.
      I don’t know anything about APNs har-har
      Thanks though. Very much!!!!

      • apnsettings

        Hi Katie, great to hear that you have fixed your text issue!

    • celeste

      this worked perfect. ty so much. i have saved this page just incase i ever need to do this again. 🙂

      • apnsettings

        Hi Celeste, Great to know that you had fixed your straight talk MMS issu now!

    • Kenyetta

      OMG, this worked for me also. I loved my phone but was going to switch to another company because I couldn’t send pics. Thanks so much!!!!! I can enjoy my phone and straight now.

    • Star

      This was very very helpful. I have a ATT Samsung Galaxy S6 on Straight talk. After trying everything I never could get my picture messages to work, until one day I found this website and seen your post. Thanks to you I can now receive and send picture messages. For everyone else to exactly what the post say do and your phone will work too.

      • apnsettings

        Hi Star, glad that our straight talk mms troubleshooting guide was useful 🙂 have a great date!

    • Lou

      Worked thank you you are the best.

      • apnsettings

        Hi Lou, great to know it did work for you!

    • Dawn

      The only thing that worked for me as well. Tysvm.

      • apnsettings

        Hi Dawn, glad to know that you were able to fix your mmss issue!

    • Kim

      How do you delete the apns

      • apnsettings

        Hi Kim, on teh apn menu click en Delete.

    • Roger

      Thanks JB.NYC. Your instructions worked the first time I tried it. I haven’t had messaging for a looooong time! THANKS!

      • apnsettings

        Hey Roger, glad to know that this fixed your Straight Talk MMS issue!

    • Kristie

      It worked I was amazed. I could just kiss you, thank you so much my problem solved.

      • apnsettings

        glad to know Kristie, so you werent able to send MMS before?

    • Sk8pickel

      While implementing this fix, I noticed the proxy was set to I only noticed this after changing the 3 to a 2, but can receive mms messages after removing the extra first ‘e’. That is, make sure it’s ‘tracfone’ and not ‘tracefone’. Thanks

      • apnsettings

        Hi JB, should be tracfone 🙂

    • Denise Laster

      Thanks JB. I have been fighting this problem on 3 phones and I have cauliflower ear from trying to get answers from customer service. Thanks for thinking of us other poor souls and helping us out too!!!!

      • apnsettings

        Hi Denise, glad to know if fixed your issue… which setting did you finally use?

    • Evan

      Thanks….It worked all I had to do was change my mms2 to mms3!

      Thanks for your hard work!

      • apnsettings

        Great Evan, so now you can send and recieve MMS?

  7. sunny

    I’m having a similar problem, I had straight talk on my iPhone but my husband gave me his note 3 which is T-Mobile so I got a Sim card for the note 3 from straight talk. I tried activating it and putting in the new apn settings and I can call and send messages from the note 3 but I can’t receive calls or texts, I’m still receiving calls and texts thru my iPhone. What should I do?

    • apnsettings

      Hi Sunny, sometimes it takes a few days for the setting to port over.

  8. Diane

    For the last week I have been getting only some messages on my iphone. For some people, they get my messages but I cannot receive theirs and for other people I have not gotten ANY of their messages but they got mine…this is not just mms messages either…it’s also doing this for sms. Then, this morning my phone delivered 20 messages from different days last week! Would this be a case to change the settings? This is NOT good to pay for service and NOT receive messages.

  9. Dianna

    I have an iPhone 6 with iOS 8.1 – I cannot modify APN settings. But I am unable to receive MMS from non-iPhones. iMessaging works fine. I can also SEND picture messages to Android phones. Just receiving doesn’t work. Regular texts work fine between any phones.
    Do you know what the current Straight Talk APN setting are? I am going to try doing the sim swap with the T-Mobile sim card.

  10. mthomp

    JB.NYC had the right fix for me. Had to have APN type on this phone a ZTE Max.

  11. Bobbi Brewer

    Thank you for your help, but I do not have the second step on my phone? I can go into my Settings but there is no “wireless connections” to click into. I have Airplane Mode, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, so on and so forth? Thanks again…

    • apnsettings

      Hi, which model of phone do you have?

  12. Bobbi Brewer

    Thank you for your reply. I have a 3GS Apple iPhone.

  13. Bobbi Brewer

    Customer service could not even help me. I am switching carriers after my 30 days is up…

  14. Phone Expert

    This is 100% related to whether you have the correct APN for T-Mobile or ATT. take a look at this article for more details.

  15. Marchelle

    Thank you so much. Been pulling my hair out trying to figure out how to send and receive mms messages. This was great. Works perfectly now.

    • apnsettings

      Hi Marchelle, great to know it did help! which step did you have to perform to fix the mms issues on straight talk?

  16. Philip

    Hey I just bought the new 9+, bought the multi starter pack for a nano sim card and used the At&t card.

    My old S5 got 5 bars sitting in my bedroom, and now my s9 gets 2 to 3 bars in the same location.
    Also trying to use the straight talk acount app, when tapped results in this message: Insecure Internet Connection… I hit ok and it closes the app

    any ideas? I thought the s9 was supposed to be better at wireless than the older ones, at least on par, not half the bars, or does this have to do with using the at&t card vs Verizon or sprint?

    • apnsettings

      Hi Philip, really strange… did this change on different locations? The only thing i could think of is maybe on the S5 you were using a 3G network over 4G? perhaps check that and see if that makes any difference.

  17. TerraD

    M y Iphone SE won’t MMS and there is no place to add these things you talk about. How can I do this and MMS? I just upgraded to this phone from my 5. Thanks so much!

    • apnsettings

      you need to add the APN Settings and add the related MMS fields

  18. Nellie

    I am still having issues with MMS even after installing a messaging app. I have a galaxy S9 Verizon phone that has been switched over to straight talk. Everything seems to be working great except the MMS.

    • Kristi

      SAME. I have S9 unlocked from Verizon. I switched to Straight Talk. I can get everything but MMS.

  19. Jay

    The GoSms app worked and is very customizable, I like it and will continue to use it on my BLU studio 8LTE phone, thanks a bunch!

    • apnsettings

      Great Jay. is the normal MMS working for you as well?

  20. ST User for years

    I discovered a difference in whether you use the free loyalty plan reward vs buying a monthly plan. I used my reward points for a free month and my data connection went away. Round and Round with ST CS agent on APN settings got me to H+ speed at best. Logged into my account, bought a new month, active right away (dumping the free plan I used), and went back to my default APN (tfdata) and it now connects to mobile network! In theory a plan is a plan regardless of how it was obtained. In practice however I noticed a difference. CS is ignorant. I have an ATT network phone.

  21. Mike

    Downloading app now. i give up. Not a new phone. i pay monthly no not a new plan. can recieve all the mms i want but will not send. restart phone and it will send them for a slight amount of time then not again. i send alot of pics and sometimes in my job on an ambulance time is very important. I cant spend time restarting phone. It all started after one of the 3 S9 updates.

    • Jacqueline

      Has anyone been successful at getting the MMS to work for a BYOP Galaxy S9+

      • Cynthia

        I have tried every apn I have found online. Everything on my 9+ works except mms. I have even downloaded a mms app and it won’t work either. My phone is a verizon byop. I’m at a loss. Very upset. I’ve called customer service several times and besides the fact noone speaks good English and we cant understand each other all I can get out of them is they dont know. It should be working. I’m about fed up and ready to switch back to verizon.

  22. Chris

    I had the same issues with straight talk mms not working. I just texted the word “apn” to 611611 and they sent me the current settings to use and now it works great like it should.

    • apnsettings

      Hi Chris, great to know! you just applied the settings or you had to actually manually put them in? which configurations are you using then?

  23. Tori Craddock

    I have note 8 switched to straight talk from Verizon no MMS!! very disappointed! boss had to purchase cheap phone just for me to receive and send MMS. WILL NOT use this company again asa my data plan runs out.

  24. Katie

    Hello. I have a originally Verizon note 8 on straight talk. I’ve been having issues sending mms since the day I bought it. I can receive them just fine I just can’t send them!!? My apn settings are right according to every representative I speak to. Please help!

  25. Sandy

    i have a Galaxy 9+ (verizon phone) and have tried everything! My MMS has never worked on this phone, sending or receiving. Can’t really afford to switch service now but i need to be able to send and receive pics.

  26. Harry

    Add me to the list of those with s9+ who can’t send or receive mms. Very frustrating. The specialist manager couldn’t fix the issue. Had be try several APNs. One which put my phone into 3G and and made me lose 4Glte. Luckily I remembered what to do from 3 calls to service center prior. Frustrating as all hell as I also need mms for work and its 3/4 the reason why i upgraded to a better phone/camera. I haven’t tried the app yet. I guess I’ll try that next.

  27. Harry

    Finally got MMS to work on s9+ Verizon phone on straight talk network.

    Straight talk


    Not set

    Not set

    Not set

    Not set

    Not set

    Not Set

    MM proxy
    Not set

    MM port
    Not set



    Authentication Type
    Not set

    APN type
    default,mms ( this is where the issue was. I added ,mms after default. No space)

    APN Protocol

    APN Roaming Protocol


  28. Jenny Jones

    I have an AT&T S9 and it just did an update and reset my SIM card. I have tried both sets of settings plus another 2 that I found online (settings Main, AT&T alternate 3, and AT&T alternate 2). All of these allow me to receive MMS but not to send them. I don’t know what else to try. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    • apnsettings

      Hi, have you tried using another app, e. g. Textra or google Messaging?