Most Popular Mobile Phones of all time

Most Popular Mobile Phones

Have you wondered which is the most popular mobile phone brand of all time? Could it be Nokia, Samsung or Apple? well, you will find it out here

This video shows a visual story of the evolution of mobile phones, ranked by Brand by the total number of units sold from 1996 to 2020. In the bottom part, you can see the best selling phone model of each particular year.

Nokia for sure has dominated the Market since the early 90’s until 2010, then with the introduction of iOS and Android, they dramatically changed the game and iPhones and Samsung phones became very popular

The most sold phones ever is the Nokia 1100, with over 250 Million units sold wolrd wide, while the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are second place, with around 223 Millions sold.

Chinese brands like Huawei, ZTE, Xiaomi are chasing up in the race and may take over Samsung’s position on the top of the list.

Table with the Top Selling Phones by Year of Release and Total Units sold

PhoneForm FactorReleased DateUnits Sold
Motorola StarTACFlipJan-9660 Million
Nokia 1610BarEnd of 1996140 Million
Nokia 5110BarApr-98160 Million
Nokia 3210BarMar-99160 Million
Nokia 8210CandyBarOct-9980 Million
Nokia 1280CandyBarMar-00120 Million
Nokia 8890SlideMid 200015 Million
Nokia 3310BarSep-00126 Million
Nokia 6100CandyBarSep-0215 Million
Samsung SGH-T100FlipLate 200212 Million
Nokia 1100CandyBarLate 2003250 Million
Nokia 2600CandyBarJun-04135 Million
Motorola RazrFlipJul-04130 Million
Nokia 1110PhoneMid 2005250 Million
Nokia 1600CandyBarLate 2005130 Million
Nokia 6070CandyBarMid 200650 Million
Nokia 1200BarMay-07150 Million
iPhone 3GSlateJun-0825 Million
Nokia 5230TouchscreenNov-09150 Million
iPhone 3GSSlateJun-0935 Million
Nokia 1280CandyBarMar-10100 Million
iPhone 4STouchscreenOct-1160 Million
iPhone 5TouchscreenSep-1270 Million
Nokia 105MonoblockMid 2013200 Million
iPhone 6 & 6 PlusTouchscreenSep-14222 Million
LG G3SlateMay-1410 Million
Samsung Galaxy S6SlateApr-1550 Million
iPhone 7 & 7 PlusSlateSep-1678.3 Million
Samsung Galaxy S7SlateJun-1655 Million
iPhone 8 & 8 PlusSlateSep-1786.3 Million
iPhone XSlateNov-1763 Million
iPhone XRSlateOct-1869.4 Million
Huawei Mate 20PhabletOct-1817 Million
iPhone 11SlateSep-1937.3 Million
iPhone 11 ProSlateSep-1933.1 Million
Redmi Note 7SlateAug-1920 Million
Samsung Galaxy S20SlateFeb-20TBD

What is your favorite mobile phone brand? and which was your first mobile phone ever? Leave us a comment and let us know!