Easy Fix NO SIM INSTALLED error on ANY iPhone

No SIM card installed error

The No SIM installed error message is a quite common error message we see on the iPhones, It can happen on any iPhone, iPhone 6, 7, 8, X or even the new iPhone XS, XR or 11, you name it! it’s big issue, as without having a proper sim installed, you cannot activate the phone properly.

in the below video you can watch the detail solution for the NO SIM error on your iPhone:

Step by Step Video Fix for iPhone No SIM installed Error

iPhone NO SIM Installed Error – Software related Fix

If you are currently fighting with this error message and don’t know what to do, don’t worry, we are going to provide you a very easy fix and you might be able to use the phone in just a few minutes!

There are two reasons why the iPhone is sending the No Sim installed error message:  the first one is something software related (the OS did not load up properly), in this case, you can quickly try:

  • Turning on / off the flight mode
  • Rebooting the iPhone

iPhone NO SIM Installed Error – Hardware Fix

If you are here reading this article, I guess you’ve already tried the aforementioned steps and it didn’t work.  So the second reason is more “hardware” related, in which the iPhone is actually not able to read the SIM Card, hence telling you that it’s not Installed.

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This happen most of the time because either the SIM card itself is not readable or the Sim card holder is not placed / installed properly.

Solution # 1: SIM Card Issue

With the help of the SIM ejector tool, or a Pin, take out the SIM and physically inspect it, look for any dirt, mug that may be present in the sim card (the part where it makes contact with the phone).  Try scrub/clean it and place it back.

Solution # 2: Sim Holder issue

The Sim card holder may be defective or bent.  This can happen when you accidently drop the phone.  So for this solution, with the help of a pin, taken out the sim card holder and inspect it, try to see if the card is 100% aligned and straight.  If you see any part is bend, try to align it using your fingers (please check this video for detailed instructions)

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Hope that with some of these solutions you were able to fix the NO SIM error message on your iPhone, in case you have any questions or doubts, please leave us a message below and we’ll be more than glad to assist!