GOOGLE PIXEL 3 Apn Settings

GOOGLE PIXEL 3 Apn Settings.  One of signature phones from Google is without any doubt the Pixel 3 phone, with a very powerful hardware at a reasonable price position it on the top of the list of the best-selling smartphones in amazon in 2019 and continues in 2020

The Pixel 3 phone usually comes unlocked, which means you can use it on the carrier of your choice, giving you the freedom to pick a cell-phone service provider that best suites your needs.  If you just got the phone and are having issue connecting to the internet, we will show you how to fix it

In this post we will teach you how to change the APN, Internet or Data Settings on the Pixel 3 phone, which also applies for the Pixel 3a or XL, as they share the same operating system and the steps are exactly the same

GOOGLE PIXEL 3 Apn Settings – How to setup

As mentioned, the Pixel 3 phone will give you a very high-speed internet, but before you can use it, you’ll need to make sure you have the correct APN and MMS Settings

The Pixel comes with the standard google android operating system and these are the steps for accessing the APN menu:

Go to the Settings menu, or just slide down the notification bar and you’ll see a small icon that looks like a gear.  Then go to Network & Internet and then Choose Mobile Network

You will then see Access Point Names, from here click menu and then Add new.

From here you can go ahead and type in the APN Settings provided by your carrier.  In case you don’t have it or you’re not sure whether they are correct or not, here you can find the list of the most frequently used APNs in the USA, or just do a quick search on our site for your corresponding service provider

You may also want to check: List of most common APNs in the world

Once all the information is loaded on the phone, Save it and then you can test the connectivity.  If the phone successfully gets a data connection, you will see a small icon on the top right corner which either says LTE or 4G, or 3G, H+ depending on the signal and data coverage of your mobile network provider

If by any chance you runs into trouble configuring the data settings for the Google Pixel 3, please take a look at our Data issue fixing guide for further support