New Jio 5G Beta APN Settings

Jionet APN Settings 5G Beta

Jio just recently released a new APN Settings for their in house 5G testing.  You can try changing the APN Settings on your phone and take advantage of this faster APN.

In case you don’t know, the APN is required for the phone to connect properly to the mobile network antennas so that you can browse the internet. 

The current 4G LTE Jio (Jionet) APN Is still working, however, if you want to give the Jio 5G Beta APN a try, here are the details.

New Jio 5G Beta APN Settings Detail information:

Name: 5ginternet
APN: 5gbeta
Proxy: not required
Port: not required
Username: 5gtesting2020
Password: Not Required
MMSC: Not Required
MMS proxy: Not Required
MMS port: Not Required
APN Protocal: IPV4/IPV6
APN Roaming Protocal: IPV4/IPV6
APN Type: default
Bearer: Select All options, except unspecified

How to setup the Jio 5G apn settings on your android phone

On your android phone, please go to Settings (slide down the notification menu on the top of the screen) or go to the Settings menu, then go to Connection, Mobile Network and then Access Point names. 

From there, tab menu and add a new APN and type in the above Jio 5G Apn exactly as they appear

Jio has recently asked the Indian authorities for permission to start doing the 5G testing, although the scope of the planned is still unclear, it’s a very good sign that they plan to accelerate the roll out the new 5G technology due to the current global situation

5G technology promises speed of up to 10 Gigabits per second, of course, the technology has not yet achieved it’s maturity, and the current real life speed is a bit lower, you can check this video where different 5G network from United Kingdom, United States and China are tested.

You may want to check: 5G Speed Test: China vs UK vs USA

If you are not satisfied with your current 4G speed, this would be very good news for you, as you may soon be able to use your 5G on Jio, but in the meantime, let’s try out the Jio 5G Beta APN to see if that helps