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APN Settings UK - Ofcome

APN Settings UK – List of APN settings for Mobile Networks  in the UK

APN Settings UK – APN and Mobile Network Settings from Mobile Networks in the UK.  An APN or Access Point Name is the information store in your mobile phone that tells it how to find the mobile internet server from your mobile phone operator.  Without the APN settings your mobile phone will not be able to find the proper route to connect.

APN Settings UK - Ofcome

APN Settings UK – Ofcome

The United Kingdom has around 80 million subscribers and is regulated by the Office of Communications.  EE or Everything Everywhere Limited is the company with the largest amount of subscribers and currently runs both T-Mobile and Orange.

This page provides you information about the APN Settings in UK for the different mobile operators.  The main mobile networks in the UK are: O2, Orange, T-Mobile and Vodafone.

APN Settings UK – T-Mobile:

Name – T-Mobile Internet

APN – general.t-mobile.uk

Username – t-Mobile

Password – tm

There are some optional fields that might be needed, please read this page for the complete list of fields, settings and step by step information related to the APN Settings UK  for your T-Mobile phone.

APN Settings UK – Orange:

Name – Orange Internet

APN – orangeinternet (this is case sensitive)

MCC – 234

MNC – 33

APN Type – Default

Same as Above, for the complete list of fields, please read this article: APN Orange UK

APN Settings UK – O2 :  O2 has different APN Settings for the different plans you have, so please select the proper one based on the plan that you are subscribed.

For Contracted Plans:

APN -mobile.o2.co.uk

username: web

password: web

If you have a Pay as you Go SIM from a Dongle:

APN – m-bb.o2.co.uk

username: web

password: web

and for the Pay As You Go SIM for a  Prepaid mobile phone

APN: payandgo.o2.co.uk

username: web

password: web

For a detailed configuration please read this article: APN Settings O2

APN Settings UK – Vodafone: Part of the Vodafone’s Group and is the 2nd larges mobile phone company in the world, it has around 19 million subscribers in the UK.

Name – Vodafone internet

APN – Internet

Username – web

Password – web

APN Settings UK –  Three (3)

Name – 3 Internet

APN – three.co.uk

Username – Blank

Password – Blank

APN Settings UK – Configurations

Below are the configurations steps to setup the APN Settings UK in your iPhone, Android, iPad or Blackberry.

APN Settings UK Android – In the main screen > Settings > Wireless Connections > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names.

APN Settings UK iPhone – Main Screen > Setup > General > Network > Mobile Data

APN Settings UK iPad – Main Screen > Settings > Mobile Data > Access Point Names




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