ATT APN Settings LTE 4G 2016

ATT APN Settings LTE 4G 2016

ATT APN Settings LTE 4G 2016

ATT APN Settings LTE 4G 2016.  In this post we will bring you the most updated and fastest ATT APN Settings in 2016, with this configuration you will be able to browse at the fastest LTE 4G connection available in the AT&T network.  Of course, you will need a compatible 4G LTE smartphone, such as the iPhone 6, Galaxy St7, HTC one M9, etc.  Consult your phone’s user’s manual for more details on this

This is a pretty straight forward guide and you’ll be all set in a few minutes.

ATT APN Settings 2016 LTE 4G Detailed information:

You can Watch this following video for step by step instruction to add the APN in android phones

This is the latest APN Settings for ATT available in 2016.  Just make sure you do enter them exactly as they appear, do not omit anything please.

Name: ATT

APN: pta

Proxy: not required

Port: not required

Username: not required

Password: not required

Server: not required


MMS proxy:

MMS port: 80

MCC: 310

MNC: 410

Authentication type: not required

APN type: default,supl,mms

APN Protocol: Just use the default one

Alternative Settings:

In case the above information is not working properly or you are not getting 4G LTE speed on the AT&T APN Settings, sometimes AT&T Recommends this following APN information:



The rest of the fields are the same provided above

ATT APN Settings LTE 4G 2016 How to set it up in your phone?

It’s pretty easy to enter this information on the phone, just do the follow:

ATT APN Settings LTE 4G for Android:

For Android Devices, please go to  Settings >  Mobile Networks > Access Point Names. You will need to then enter the information above. Save, exit and test.

ATT APN Settings LTE 4G 2016
ATT APN Settings LTE 4G 2016

ATT APN Settings LTE 4G for iPad or iPhone:

For those using iPhone and iPad devices, try these steps:  Go to the Settings menu and then Select General.  From there you will see Network, and then look for Cellular Data Network (or just Cellular Data) , an the APN using the info provided above.  User name and password are not required

You can also take a look at this configuration video:

ATT APN Settings LTE 4G for Windows Phone:

If you are a Microsoft guy, then follow this: key on the Arrow Right to enter the main menu, you will then go to Settings and after that Mobile Network.  Please add a new APN. Just above information again.

If you have further questions, drop us a comment below.  You can also check the official ATT Support Site.  Thanks and enjoy browsing using the latest AT&T LTE APN Settings!

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