Battery Replacement Inspiron 13 7000 series

The Inpiron 13 7000 series is a very balanced laptop, wich comes with 8GB Ram and supports Wifi – 802.11 b/g/n.

For the battery, I recommend always buying original battery from Dell, However if your laptop is already a few years old, there are good options in amazon where you can have a good quality battery for a much cheaper price.

How to remove the Battery on Inspiron 13 7000 series?

To remove the battery from the portable, you will need a small phillip screwdriver. Turn off the laptop and put it upside down. Remove the 9 screws on the bottom of the inspiron 13.

Step by Step video: How to replace battery on Inpiron 13

Insert a small piece of metal and pry open the bottom cover. Now remove the 4 screws securing the battery and disconnect the battery from the motherboard. Put in the new battery, connect the cable and put the screws back. Put back the cover and the 9 screws and you are all set

The Battery is usually compatible with Dell Inspiron 13-5000 13-7000 15-5000 15-7000 17-5000 Series 7378 7368 5368 5378 5379 7560 7569 7570 7579 5565 5567 5568 5578 5767 5765 7460 part numbers: P58F 3CRH3 T2JX4 FC92N

You can purchase battery directly in this link:

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