Boost Mobile APN Settings 2016 – dummy proof guide

Boost Mobile USA apn Settings

Boost Mobile APN Settings 2016 – dummy proof guide

Boost Mobile APN Settings USA 2016 – dummy proof guide. Having trouble accessing the Internet or sending picture messages on your phone?  You might need to configure the proper apn settings for boost mobile.  In the post you will be able to setup the latest 4G APN settings for the boost mobile network in the USA, which is a MVNO under the Sprint Corporation

Boost Mobile APN Settings 2016 Detailed information:

Please use the below information to properly configure the correct apn on boost mobile, just make sure you enter them exactly as they appear

Name: Boost Phone

APN: Boost_Mobile

Proxy: not required

Port: not required

Username: Boost_Mobile

Password: not required

Server: not required


MMS proxy:

MMS port: 80

MCC: 310


Authentication type: PAP

APN type: default,supl,mms

APN Protocol: Just use the default one

BOOST MOBILE APN Settings 2016 – how to enter them in the phone

Before you try configuring the apn on your smartphone, please make sure you have purchased a valid data plan and the mobile data option is enabled on the phone.

Boost Mobile USA apn Settings

Boost Mobile USA apn Settings

BOOST MOBILE APN Settings LTE 4G for Android:

If you are using an android phone, please go to  Settings >  Mobile Networks > Access Point Names.  Enter the APN info provided above, Save and Exit – test browsing the internet on your phone

BOOST MOBILE APN Settings for iPad or iPhone:

For the iOS users, please go to the Settings menu and then go to General, Network, Cellular Data Network (you might see Cellular Data), just enter the APN provided above

LYCA MOBILE APN Settings for Windows Phone:

For the windows phone users, use the Arrow Right to gain access to the menu, then select Settings and Mobile Network.  Please type in the APN MMS info provided in the section above.

For further info on this, you can also checkout BOOST MOBILE Support Site.  At this point of time, you should be able to enjoy the fast internet on your smartphone!  Please leave us a comment in case you have any trouble

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  1. Richard Spalding

    Thank you very much. I bought a ZTE Warp 7 on line and couldn’t figure it out. There were n9 settings on the apn

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