Candy Crush Saga making more than 800K Dollars Day!

candy crush saga

Candy Crush Saga making more than 800K Dollars  Day!

Candy Crush Saga.  One of the most popular games, played by millions of people around the Globe – Candy Crush Saga from King Games avilable for both Android and iPhones is also the mobile application that is making the most money out there!  Based on the mobile gaming analysis portal – ThinkGaming, Candy Crush Saga is currently generating around $892,712.00 US Dollars a day.  This is around 27 Million a month or 321 Million a Year!

But isn’t the game free?  Yes, the game is free to download, however as soon as you pass thought the different levels (it has now 450 levels), things get tougher and tougher making you wanting to start spending money buying things to allow you to pass to the next level.

When you start playing the game, you are given 5 lives, once they are finished you will need to wait a few hours to get a new set of lives, instead of waiting you can either purchase lives or bother your friends from Facebook and ask them to send you lives.  Also every 10 or 12 levels leads to a new episode, which are locked and requires you to ask your Facebook friends to unlock the game for you as well.

There are people who are even un-friending their FB friends because of them being constantly stalked by Candy crush Saga request.

People spend a lot of money buying Lives, unlocking new episodes or special items to help them pass the game.  The addiction is so big that they spend hours every day playing the game: on the bathroom, while watching tv, in the subway, everywhere!

If you are one of those people who are addicted to the game and cannot control your time…please watch out, as there are different kinds of stories out there: people losing their jobs, friends and even getting a divorce because of their addiction!