Cannot send or Receive MMS on Cricket Wireless

Cannot send or Receive MMS on Cricket Wireless

Cannot send or Receive MMS on Cricket Wireless

If you are experiencing issues with sending or receiving multimedia messages (MMS) on Cricket Wireless, sit back and relax, we are here to help you fix that issue in just a few steps!

In this guide we will help you determine the proper MMS Settings for Cricket and if that’s not enough, we are going to suggest some other tweaks that for sure will get you up and running.

Cannot send or Receive MMS on Cricket Wireless – Step by Step fix

Let’s get into the actions.  Please follow the below steps and make sure everything is completed accordingly.

You have a Valid data Plan – Please do make sure that you have included a data plan on your mobile contract with Cricket Wireless

Mobile Data is turned on.  Even though the MMS doesn’t consume the data from your cricket wireless data plan, it is still required to have it turned on, as otherwise the cellphone would not be able to communicate with the mobile operator’s server

You have correctly setup the APN Settings for Cricket.  You will need the cricket specific APN/MMS Settings configured on the phone, this is a MUST do.  Normally it will arrive as automatic settings after you insert the SIM card on the phone.  If you don’t that, you’ll need to manually configure that. If you don’t know how to do this, please refer to the APN Settings for Cricket guide.

Cannot send or Receive MMS on Cricket Wireless - Check APN Settings

Cannot send or Receive MMS on Cricket Wireless – Check APN Settings

Change the MMS proxy.  Under the APN Settings, locate the MMS proxy field and add one of the following IP Addresses:

Use an alternate MMS application.  If you are using the native messaging app, sometimes it might be related to a hard-setting in the app blocking the MMS service.  In this case we suggest trying a different picture messaging application and test them out.

If after all these steps you are still not able to send or receive picture messages, please drop us a message in the comment section and we will take a look at your issue.

Latest Comments
  1. peter conlin

    i have no mms, i tried to set it up and i can’t

    • apnsettings

      did you check the APN Type?

  2. Andrea

    Not able to send or receive pics. Also cant send texts that are too long. Apn was changed and followed all the steps above.

    • apnsettings

      Hi Andrea, can you check what option you have on APN type?

  3. Kirk

    i did all the above and still no mms. The Apn type is default.

    • apnsettings

      try APN Type default,mms

  4. Jason

    Cannot send MMS, Have followed above instructions. have correct APN settings and tried all IP addresses listed. Also tried alternate MMS app with wi-fi off.

    • apnsettings

      Hi Jason, what value do you have under apn type?

      • jason


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