Cellular Data Issues iOS 9 – Easy Fix guide

Cellular Data Issues iOS 9 – Easy Fix guide

Cellular Data Issues iOS 9 – Easy Fix guide

Cellular Data Issues iOS 9 – Easy Fix guide.  There are still some folks having issues with their iPhone after upgrading to the latest version of iOS 9.  This is related to wrong settings on the Cellular Data (also known as mobile data), which is the equivalent of the APN Settings on the rest of the non-apple smartphones.

If you just recently upgraded your phone to iOS 9 and currently not able to connect to the internet or it just gives you a slow connection, to able to connect to 3G / 4G network, you should definitely check the few suggestions below.

Cellular Data Issues iOS 9 – Step by Step Fix

First thing you should probably do is to reset your network settings.   By doing this, you will removes all network related settings, which includes store wifi network passwords and the mobile carrier parameters (APN Settings).  Your iPhone will be brought to default values and this fixes most of the cellular data related issues.

To do so, you need to go to Settings, Locate the General Option and then Reset.  You will see an option that says Reset Network Settings – Tab on it.

Reset the APN – Manually configure APN Settings on your iOS 9 device.  If the above steps did not do the job, you should then try to manually reset the APN Settings on your iPhone.

Steps: Go to Settings, Mobile Data, Mobile Data Network and then you will see the menu where you can enter the APN, Username, etc.  If you don’t have the APN Values that correspond to your mobile operator, you can find it here in our blog.

Note:  There seems to be some carriers that are restricting the access to edit the cellular data on the iPhone, if you don’t see this option in the menu, your phone has been locked by your carrier

Install a new profile.

Cellular Data Issues iOS 9 – Easy Fix guide

Cellular Data Issues iOS 9 – Easy Fix guide

Go somewhere you can have internet access via Wifi.  Now that you are connected to the internet,  try loading a new APN profile for your iPhone using a special site.

Go to: unlockit.co.nz/

Once in the page, you will see a button called “Create new APN”

Select the provider from the drop down list, click on Install and this might fix your issue.

In case you still have trouble with the cellular data / apn settings on your iPhone or iPad with iOS 9, please drop us a message in the comment sections below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

For your reference, this is the official Apple iOS Support site

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