Correct cricket apn settings

Correct cricket apn settings

Correct cricket apn settings

What’s the Correct cricket apn settings I should use on my phone?  This is probably a very common question one is asking when having trouble using the mobile internet or not able to send and receive picture or video messages on the cricket wireless network.

In this article we will provide you the correct cricket apn and mms settings you should use, but before that, we would like to explain a few things.

If you are buying a new or refurbished phone directly from cricket,  all settings should come pre-loaded on the phone and you shouldn’t have to deal with this, unless you are having trouble connecting to the internet and we’ll help you check and make sure you have the proper settings

In case you are bringing your own smartphone to use it with your cricket sim card (also known as bring your own device service), then you’re going to need to add those settings before you can use the internet on the phone

How to Add the correct Cricket APN Settings on my phone?

In this video, I’m showing you the exact steps and details on how to add the correct APN Settings for fixing any data or mms issues:

There are two ways you can add the settings to your phone:

How to add Cricket apn settings
How to add Cricket apn settings

First and easier option is, once you insert the sim card on the phone and activate the service (enable the mobile data on the phone and connect to the network), you will normally receive two messages from cricket, containing some configuration for Data (internet) and MMS (picture or video messaging) settings.  If you receive them, just open the messages and Install them on the phone

In case you missed the notification when the messages arrived, you can try to find them in the messages folder in the phone, open them and install

Second and manual option would be going into the APN Menu and add the corresponding settings to the phone:

On your android phone, go the Settings menu then Tab on Mobile Networks, then Tab on Access Point Names

Tab on the menu button and Add a New APN.  If you already have one listed, you can tab on edit.

Enter this following information:

Name: internet
APN: ndo
MMS Proxy:
MCC: 310
MNC: 150
APN type: default,mms,supl for some Samsung devices select Internet+MMS

Please pay special care on typing in the proper commas and dots, as they need to be entered exactly as they appear.  The APN type is very important so that you can use the picture and video messaging services on cricket

One you’re done, save the settings and exit.  You should see a small icon on the upper right corner of the phone with a LTE, 4G or H+ sign indicating a proper connection has been established, pls open a browser and try loading some websites

if you have an iPhone, please take a look at this guide

In case you need support, please refer to our APN issues solver guide for further assistance.  You can also find these settings from the cricket support website

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