Galaxy J7 apn settings for MetroPCS

Galaxy J7 apn settings for MetroPCS

Galaxy J7 apn settings for MetroPCS

Galaxy J7 APN Settings for MetroPCS.  Just recently bought your Galaxy J7 and wants to start using it on MetroPCS network?  If you’re trying to browse the web on your mobile phone, you’ll need to first have the proper settings in place – This is why you need to configure the APN & MMS Settings on the Galaxy J7

In this post we’ll quickly help you get your phone ready so that you can take the best out of your mobile internet

MetroPCS apn settings for Galaxy J7:

If you are looking for the fastest and most up to date APN Settings for the MetroPCS network, please use the following:

Name: MetroPCS
MMSC: http://
MMS proxy: Leave in blank
MMS port: Leave in blank
MCC: 310
MNC: 16

You can leave the rest of the fields in Blank or default setting, as they are not required

APN Settings on Galaxy J7 – How to set it up

In case that you need support on how to put in the above settings on your Samsung Galaxy J7 phone, please follow the below steps:

First go into the Settings menu– This is located in the main menu of the phone, you can also find it in the notification.  After entering that menu, you need to click on More, and you will then find Mobile Network, after that, you will see Access Point Name.  We always recommend you to create a new APN instead of editing existing ones, this way you make sure all settings are fresh and will avoid unnecessary headaches and troubleshooting time

Save all the settings, exit the menu and try loading some websites, you should now be able to browse the internet.  If by any chance after following the above steps and putting in the correct APN Settings you are still not able to use the internet, we recommend you to check on these steps enlisted in our APN Troubleshooting Guide

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