iOS 7 data not working – Data and MMS not working on iPhone after iOS7 Update

iOS 7 Data MSS Not working

iOS 7 data not working – Data and MMS not working on iPhone after iOS7 Update.

iOS 7 data not working. Data and MMS not working on iPhone after iOS7 Update.  After you have updated your iPhone to iOS7, your data and MMS stopped working?  That’s bad news! Well, the good news is that you are not the only one who suffered this issue.  This article relates more to the folks that are using an AT&T MNVO (Mobile virtual network operator) such as: Straight Talk, RedPocket, Net10, H20 or Airvoice.

The issue seems to be related to the fact that the AT&T sim that you are using, both ATT ones and the any operator in the above mentioned list, the SIM is locking the APN and MMS settings on your iPhone and not allowing you to change them.  Of course, the APN and MMS Settings for your operator (e. g. Straight Talk, H2O) are quite different from those ones used on the ATT network, thus making your phone not able to browse or send/receive MMS.

The SIM SWAP workaround for AT&T

In the past, there was a method that you can cheat the phone and allow you to change the APN settings on your iPhone.  How does this SIM swap works?  Well, you basically put a Non AT&T Sim card in your iPhone so that it enables the Cellular Data Network settings menu in your phone, Hot Swap the Phone (Hot swap meaning, while you have the iPhone turned on and with the menu enabled and showing in the screen, you pull out the Non AT&T SIM Card and put in your real AT&T SIM Card).  Then you just proceed to make the necessary APN Settings.

If you are using iOS 6 or below, the above workaround works just fine and you can be happily browsing and sending or receiving MMS using the APN Settings.  But with the Release of the new iOS7, the story has changed – This Hot SWAP method no longer works, maybe it is smarter now that, once you put in the AT&T Sim card back to the phone, you no longer see the Cellular Data Network settings menu.

Thanks to the online community, there several users who have discovered a new workaround for setting up the APNs Settings on iOS7.

iOS 7 data not working – Detailed Steps for the new iOS7 SIM SWAP Method

What you basically do is the following:

  • In your iPhone, go to the Settings – General – Reset – Reset Network Settings to wipe out any previous setting you have
  • Now you should Turn off the WiFi
  • Insert a T-Mobile SIM (you can use any on AT&T SIM Card)
  • Start up the Notes application on your iPhone
  • Double tap the Home button to send the  Notes app to the background
  • Now Tap Home, Select  Settings – General – Cellular. Please make sure the Mobile Data is enabled
  • Once the “Cellular Data Network” option appears in your iPhone, go ahead and select it
  • Double tap the Home button, this will bring up the multi-tasker.  Select the Notes App
  • Now you are safe to remove the non-AT&T SIM card you previously used and please go ahead and put in your correct AT&T SIM CARD
  • Please wait a little bit, once the signal bar shows up again with the 3G or 4G sign double tap the Hone key again and switch back to the settings menu
  • Now you should proceed to enter the AT&T APN Settings for your iOS 7 Phone (or ATT MVNO APN Settings)

You can FIND this settings in this post: Straight Talk APN Settings – now your iOS 7 data not working issue should be solved and you should be able to browse the web and send mss using your iPhone with iOS7

iOS 7 data not working – New SIM Hot Swap Video for iOS7

If you prefer to see the video, below is one with detail step by steps guide on how to fix this iOS 7 data not working  issue shared by Paul W on YouTube.

[embedplusvideo height=”360″ width=”640″ editlink=”” standard=”″ vars=”ytid=gmRSDDJbOUQ&width=640&height=360&start=&stop=&rs=w&hd=0&autoplay=0&react=1&chapters=&notes=” id=”ep3987″ /]

picture source: Flickr

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  1. Israel Sanchez

    Thank you very much, it did fix my issue of not having data nor mms on my phone after updating it to iOS7 🙂

    • apnsettings

      Glad to hear that Israel!

  2. P Halloran

    I have a HTC Titian II …. do you know the apn settings I should use with straight talk? I have called ST and either I can not understand the person or when I get a csr I can understand, they don’t know how to help.

  3. Joshua

    Wow this fixed my MMS issue. I use H2O wireless on my iPhone 4S and I have never had MMS for a long time. Now I am in business.
    Thank you so much!!!

    • apnsettings

      HI Joshua, glad to know that it was useful 🙂

    • reyna

      hey Joshua,
      I also have H2O and was using the old swap method to get around mms but now it still doesn’t work.
      I was wondering if you could share the apn settings you used for H20 in IOS 7?
      thank you beforehand 🙂

  4. thomas stevens

    i have a at&t note 2 its has been working great then the picture messages and internet stopped, i tried your apn setting and the phone is showing 4g again but the internet and messages are is still not working… any ideas? thanks

    • apnsettings

      Hi Thomas, are you using AT&T directly or Straight talk?

  5. Joshua

    With the update of IOS 7.1, MMS has been disabled again and even if you follow these steps, MMS is not working at all. Do you have any other suggestions for setting up MMS on iPhone 4S? I feel bad that I updated my ios so fast without waiting for reviews.

  6. aly

    Yes, I updated too and now I can’t do the swap… Any suggestions? thanks

    • apnsettings

      Hi Aly, did you try the method suggested on the post?