MMS Messaging Definition

MMS Messaging definition

MMS Messaging definition

What is a MMS Messaging?  MMS Stand for Multimedia Messaging Service, which is a standard in current mobile messaging technology and services.  Similar to a SMS or Short Message Service, a MMS Message is a way we send messages from one cellular phone to another.

The main difference between a SMS and the MMS is that the latter besides sending a normal text message, it can include videos, pictures and audios in the message.

How can I send a MMS message?

All android, iOS and Windows phones are capable of sending MMS messages, however, the proper MMS Settings has to be configured on the phone.   The default messaging feature from the phone should do the job, however there are also applications from the market that you can download and configure as default mms application.

These settings normally comes preloaded with the sim card you get from your service provider, however there are cases that you might need to edit or add them.  For instance, if you have purchased your phone from a different carrier and now are trying to bring the device to another one.  Also if you are bringing your phone from overseas and the settings were not loaded automatically.

MMS Messaging definition

MMS Messaging definition

The MMS Settings vary from provider to provider, so you will need the exact settings from yours in order to make it work.  If you need to validate these settings, you can do a quick search in our blog and you will most likely find the respective values you need.

There are also common issues where users are unable to send or receive picture messages, even though they have already configured all required settings.

What format does a MMS support.

As mentioned before, a MMS can include different multimedia formats such as: Audio (Mp3 and MIDI) and MPEG  and MP4 for video.  Regarding the picture formats, it supports jpg and gif.

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