New Straight Talk apn mms setting 2017

New Straight Talk apn mms setting 2017

New Straight Talk apn mms setting 2017.  If you are experiencing problems configuring your phone to work properly on Straight Talk, either not able to browse the internet or send and receive picture or multimedia messages, chances are that the APN Settings that are loaded on your phone is not correct.

There are many versions of Straight Talk APN out there, which depends on the network operator you are using behind the Straight Talk services, Yes – in case you didn’t know, Straight Talk is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator or so call MVNO which uses the cell phone towers from ATT, T-Mobile, Verizon and Sprint.

Out of all the APNs available in the market, during this year 2017, we found the this is the one that has worked for most people.

Which is the newest Straight Talk APN Setting

Please try using this values for the new settings for Straight Talk

Name: Reseller
APN: Reseller
Username: leave in blank
Password: leave in blank
Multimedia message proxy:
Multimedia message port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 410
APN type: default,mms,supl

APN protocol: IPv4
APN roaming protocol: IPv4.

New Straight Talk apn mms setting 2017Please remember to type them in exactly as they appear, bear special attention on the APN type field, this is quite important, there is a comma separating the values and there is no space in between.   The rest of the fields not listed above can be left in blank or by the default value as they are not relevant

If you don’t know exactly how to get into the Access Point Names – APN Settings menu, you can refer to this Step by Step instructions for Andriod devices – which is a simple video we have made to walk you through the settings

In the vent that applying this changes you are still not able to get your phone right, we recommend you to check our APN troubleshooting guide, where we verify other things which may be causing this issue.

If at this point of time you can navigate websites, listen to music on Spotify or send pictures it means everything is working fine, please drop us a comment below and let us know it settings worked for you along with the model of you phone and if you know, the operator you are using

Latest Comments
  1. Jarnold

    still not working on pics in texts, in or out. Operating system Android 6.0.1

    • apnsettings

      HI Jarnold, which network operator are you using?

  2. Miles

    Worked like a charm. I have an AT&T S6 active using the att towers.

    • apnsettings

      Hi Miles, glad to know, enjoy browsing and texting on the Galaxy S6!

  3. Courtney Strickland

    These settings worked on a Galaxy S7 Active switched over from AT&T.

    • apnsettings

      great to know Courtney!

  4. Scott

    I had great results using the reseller apn settings on 3/30/18.

    • Scott

      That was a galaxy s5 active.

    • apnsettings

      Great to know Scott!

  5. Jenni

    So thankful to have come across this! Worked immediately on my Samsung Galaxy S6 using At&T towers. Thanks again! 4/20/18

    • apnsettings

      Glad to know Jenni!

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