Verizon iPhone APN Settings- Step by Step Configuration

Verizon iPhone APN Settings

Verizon iPhone APN Settings – Step by Step Configuration

Verizon iPhone APN Settings- Step by Step Configuration.  In this article you will find information regarding a quick setup guide for the Verizon iPhone APN Settings for your iPhone.   Also we will help you setup the MMS Settings so tha tyou could send and receive multimedia messages on your iPhone.

This Verizon iPhone APN Guide will work for all iPhone versions, whether you have an iPhone 3G, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S or iPhone 5, the steps to setup the Verizon iPhone APN are the same.

Verizon iPhone APN Step by Step Settings:

The following are the Verizon iPhone APN settings  required to setup the mobile internet on your iPhone:

  1. Go to the main menu of the iPhone and then tab on Settings
  2. Now tab onto General
  3. Tab on Network.
  4. Before going further, please verify that make sure these settings are correct:
    • Data Roaming must be turned ON in your iPhone
    • Wifi: Off –
    • 3G enable: This must Be On otherwise you will connect in EDGE
  5. Tab on Cellular Data Network
  6. The  Verizon APN iPhone values are the following:
    • Cellular Data – Verizon
    • APN – internet or vzwinternet
    • Username – Leave in Blank
    • Password – Leave in Blank
  7. You must also need to configure the Verizon iPhone APN MMS Settings:
    • Cellular Data– Verizon
    • Username – Leave it Blank
    • Password –  Leave it Blank
    • MMSC –
    • MMS Proxy – Not Set
    • MMS Max Message Size – Leave it Blank
    • MMS UA Prof URL: Leave it Blank
  8. Press the HOME button on you iPhone, save the above Verizon iPhone APN settings
  9. Then Exit to the Main Screen
  10. Open the Safari browser to try to connect to any website and see if your Verizon iPhone APN Settings are working properly
  11. Enjoy Browsing the mobile internet on your iPhone!
Verizon iPhone APN Settings

Verizon iPhone APN Settings

What is the Verizon iPhone APN Settings?

Well, maybe we should first ask What is an APN?  The APN or Access Point Names  is the set of values needed to route your iPhone to connect to the proper mobile internet of your Verizon network, in this case, it is called Verizon iPhone APN Settings or sometimes  Verize Internet Settings for iPhone 5 .  If you bought your iPhone directly from Verizon it is very likely that the Verizon iPhone APN Settings are already pre-configure on your iPhone.  However if you switched to a different network recently, then you will need to set it up.

These Verizon APN Settings for iPhone  is the most updated and functional one, if by any chance this is not working properly, please let us know by leaving a comment below and we will address it as soon as we possibly can.

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