att apn setting for android – Step by Step Guide for your Android Phone

att apn setting for android

att apn setting for android – Step by Step Guide

att apn setting for android – Step by Step Guide.  In this article I am going to give you all the information regarding the att apn setting for android, which is required for you to get mobile internet for your Android Device through the AT&T network

You can follow this step by step instruction video to setup the APN for ATT:

at&t apn setting for android details:

Name: AT&T
APN: wap.cingular
Proxy: <Leave in Blank>
Port: <Leave in Blank>
Password: cingular1
Server: <Leave in Blank>
MMS proxy:
MMS port: 80
MCC: 310
MNC: 410
Authentication type: <Leave in Blank>
APN type: default,supl,mms OR Internet
APN Protocol: Leave it on the Default one

at&t apn settings for android Step by Step setup

How you will enter the above settings for the att apn setting for android on your device?  Below are the detailed step by step  instructions you should Follow to add these AT&T APN Settings for Android Device:

  1. On the Android’s main menu, select Settings
  2. In the settings section, look for Wireless Connections, Tab on it
  3. Now tab on More
  4. Then select the option where it says Mobile Networks
  5. Now tab on Access Point Names
  6. Using the option button, select New APN
  7. Enter all the values listed above for the att apn setting for android
  8. Hit the option button and Hit SAVE
  9. Open your google Chrome browser and you should be able to browse internet now!

In case you would like to watch a video with the instructions, here is the video, remember to use the values for the AT&T APN Settings Android provided above:


att apn setting for android
att apn setting for android

So what is an APN and and what is the att apn setting for android?

An APN or Access Point Name is the group of value required to connect your Android phone to the Mobile Internet Server from AT&T in teh United States.  People usually called these settings: ATT APN Settings for Android or ATT Internet Settings fro Android.  The APN Settings for ATT for Android is a unique combination of values which acts like a routing table to identify the proper network for your Android phone. Please let us know if these att apn setting for android are working properly, if by any chance it doesn’t work, please leave a comment below and we will help you troubleshoot the issue.  We always try to get you the most accurate and updated APN Settings for your AT&T android phone!   The US AT&T Support website:

Latest Comments
  1. V Silvestri

    I have a Duos sent from Europe, and a SIM card with prepaid ATT from US. I am in US. The data wouldn’t work, and we found the APN wasn’t uploaded from SIM – it was blank – no APN. The guy at Radio Shack printed out APN and tried to install it, but it wouldn’t save. I installed the APN given here and it was slightly different than what he had. It DID save and I activated it- but still NO internet. One question I only typed “Internet” in for APN TYPE – I dont think that is the issue but it was the only thing I wasn’t sure of in the entering process. Also, I had another Duos from the same place (before I dropped it in the ocean) and had no problem. It all uploaded from SIM. Help Thanks

  2. amber peck

    Bought a i9270 android dualband unlocked phone is this phone 3g compatible only running on 2g edge put my att pay as u go sim init can use internet but really slow and cant download multi media messages unable to download plz help i know its not a att phone but it is unlocked

    • Molly McDonel

      Very easy to follow instructions, I was online within minutes on my Verizon gs3 unlocked and using go phone by AT&T.
      Thank you so much!

      • apnsettings

        Glad to know Molly! Thanks for the compliment.

  3. Trevor

    Thanks for the settings, but I tried this just now (Jan 2014) and they didn’t work. Called AT&T and got helpful advice (although it would be easier for everyone if they just posted this somewhere obvious on their site). These did work:
    APN: phone
    MMS Proxy:
    MMS Port: 80
    MMS Protocol: WAP 2.0
    MCC; 310
    MNC: 410
    (Everything else just left ‘not set’ or whatever).

    • Kitten Kat

      Thank you so, so much! I’m going to try this.

    • matt

      thanks alot, had trouble with connecting to anything but wifi. Thanks again !

    • Kiran

      Thanks Trevor,
      You made my day, Was stuck with this for days


    • Karl

      Thanks Trevor,
      My internet wasn’t working unless I had WiFi. When I entered these values in my APN it worked like a charm for my Galaxy S3. Amazing how good it feels to see the “4G” show up when it hadn’t been there before.

    • Peter

      Awesome Trevor. AT&T store tech couldn’t help and push me to T-mobile my old provider and tmobile send me to Samsung and Samsung send me back to AT&T. I called AT&T tech support, the gale I spoke to is clueless. I was fed up and decided to do my home and found your info. And my S3 is working now. Thanks again!

      • apnsettings

        Hi Peter, glad to know this ATT Apn Settings worked for you :)… enjoy browsing!

    • Trevor

      Wow, glad to be able to help – all these polite, grateful responses. Let’s me know it’s worthwhile posting when I find something helpful.

    • David

      Thank you as well. i just did this today and then after updating my lg nitro to 4.0 ice cream sandwhich i lost the apn settings they gave me. yours are almost exactly what they told me and i agree it should just be posted in their help as i searched and the att support site couldnt help.

  4. bob

    These settings do not work on Galaxy S4 mini

    • apnsettings

      Hi Bob, can you browse? or what is not working?

  5. Stu Piddasol

    I’m confused…… obviously….? I have Samsung galaxy s3 Verizon phone, with AT&T Sim , trying to use Straight talk monthly data plan. At this point I have accomplished phone service to/from my phone without complaint, and SMS texting also seems to work. Internet works but only when WiFi is used. MMS text and web browsing is otherwise not happening. I have tried using APN settings listed on Straight Talk , several forums, as well as this site. Tell me the truth Miss Daisy !! I can handle it…. is it me? my phone? my settings? Please help!

  6. Dan

    I have a galaxy s3 sgh-i747. I have had st for two months. I have not been able to send or receive photos on messages. I have tried every apn setting I could find still nothing. Do you think it is the sim. I use this for business and it is costing me money.

    • apnsettings

      I Dan, have you tried setting up the APN Settings for straight talk? there is a post in the blog that address the issue you are mentioning

  7. Shirley Cunningham

    Need help, I purchased a off brand 3G, Note 8 online, having a hard time getting the WIFI to work, it only works when I am at home. also when I get a message with MMS in it, it will not download, what do I need to do? I’ve tried the APN listed above and nothing. I’m about at the point where I’m thinking of sending the phone back. I really like the size of the screen. HELP!

    • apnsettings

      hi, are you using att or straigth talk?