How to setup the Apn & Data Settings on the Samsung Galaxy S8

Apn & Data Settings on the Samsung Galaxy S8

How to setup the Apn & Data Settings on the Samsung Galaxy S8

How to setup the apn & data settings on the Galaxy S8.  Samsung just released the brand se Galaxy S8, this time only one version with the Edges. If you just bought the phone and is having trouble connecting to the internet, we’re going to quickly show you how to fix that easily!

We assume you should have a valid data plan for the provider you are using, and also, please do make sure you have the mobile data activated, otherwise please check it before we proceed with the next steps

Step by Step instructions to setup the apn the Galaxy S8:

The APN Settings on the Galaxy S8 can be easily accessed with the following steps:

  1. Please go into the Main Menu and Click on Settings – you can also slide down the quick notification menu on the top area of the screen and then tab on the Gear like icon, this will take you directly to the Settings menu on the Galaxy S8.
  2. Once inside there, please look for Mobile Network
  3. Tap On Access Point Names
  4. Tap the menu Key and select Create NEW APN – we don’t recommend editing an existing one
  5. You should type in all related APN information for your network operator
  6. Tap on More and Select SAVE
  7. Now just select the profile you have just created
  8. Exit, open your favorite browser and test the internet connection
  9. Try sending a picture message to test the MMS Settings are correctly setup.


With the above steps, you should be all set and you should now be able to enjoy the mobile internet on your Galaxy S8.

APN Tip:  Since the Galaxy S8 support LTE (fastest connection speeds), you should always you the LTE version of the APN Settings, please double check the information for your corresponding operator just to make sure they don’t have different versions for older and newer phone models.

Access Point Names menu on the Galaxy S8

Access Point Names menu on the Galaxy S8

If LTE network is available, you should see a small icon on the upper right corner -just next to the signal bars, that says LTE or in some cases 4G – this is the ultimate indicator that your phone is connected to an LTE network, this will however depend on the coverage they have, it might not be available on every corner of the city, especially on remote locations where most likely only a slower 3G or even 2G connection is available


Where can I find the APN Settings that I should use on my Galaxy S8

If by any chance you don’t have the APN information for your operator, below you can find the link for the related information for the major operators.

Galaxy S8 APN Settings for T-Mobile

Galaxy S8 APN Settings for AT&T

Galaxy S8 APN Settings for Straight Talk

If the one you are looking for is not listed above, please do a search on the blog and you will find it.

Should you have any issues with this instructions, please take  a look at our APN Troubleshooting guide