HTC U11 apn settings guide

HTC U11 APN Settings

HTC U11 apn settings guide

HTC U11 APN Settings Guide.  HTC has recently released this new sexy edge screen phone – the HTC U11, if you are one of the lucky guys who already bought the phone and are trying out how to properly configure the mobile internet settings on it, this is the right post for you!

The phone was launched on June 2017 and comes with Native Android 7.1 Nougat, Big 5.5 inches Corning Gorilla Glass 5 screen, internal memory of 64 and 128 GB with a nice 16 MP camera! And the good news is that you can add additional memory of up to 256GB through the SD card slot! That’s quite a lof!

How to quickly to setup the APN Settings on the HTC U 11:

Setting up the APN on the HTC U11 is fairly easy, just make sure your phone is fully unlocked and you have a valid data plan and the data is already activated on your phone before proceeding:

  1. First thing is to tab into the Settings option in the Main Menu – Or just slide down the notification menu from the main’s scree and Hit the Gear like icon.
  2. Now look for something that says Mobile Network –  if you don’t see that, look for Wireless Network or More, and you should find it…
  3. Once inside the menú, look for Access Point Names  
  4. You should now proceed to insert or create a NEW APN. Note: if there are already existing ones, don’t edit them, just proceed with creating a new one
  5. The next thing to do is fill out all the relevant info for the APN Settings corresponding to your mobile network operator
  6. Hit the menu key and select SAVE
  7. You should see on your screen the option to select the recently created APN so that it’s the default one to be used by the phone
  8. Exit the window, go back to the main screen and open your favorite browser and try loading one of your favorite websites
  9. Please also try sending a picture (multimedia) message to make sure the MMS Settings on the HTC U11 are also correctly setup

You can also watch this Youtube video for Step by Step APn Settings for Android

If everything works Fine, you should now be able to browse the internet.

In case you don’t have the corresponding APN Settings you should use on the phone, please scroll down to find more information about that.

List of Most Popular APN Settings for the HTC U11

We have a huge collection of APN Settings corresponding to most of the Operators in the USA, these are the top opeartors:

HTC U11 APN Settings for T-Mobile

HTC U11 APN Settings for AT&T

HTC U11 APN Settings for Straight Talk

If your is not listed, please do a quick search in our blog and you’ll most likely find one you are using.

In case you run into trouble and are not able to browse the internet or send mms, please take a look at our  APN Troubleshooting guide

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