Huawei Mate SE apn settings – Step by Step guide

Huawei Mate SE APN Settings

Huawei Mate SE apn settings – Step by Step guide

Huawei  Mate SE apn settings – stepy by step guide.  One of the hottest smartphone this 2018 is the Huawei Mate SE, great value for the price, it’s already on the top selling list of Amazon.  If you just bought the unlocked phone and are just inserted your own sim card and need to configure the internet access for it, we are going to guide you through this process on this article

Step by Step instruction son Setting up the data and apn settings on your Huawei MATE SE

Here is the fastest way to configure the internet settings for your Mate SE:

Huawei Mate SE APN Settings

Huawei Mate SE APN Settings

The APN Menu is where you will find the related settings for both internet and MMS.  First, go to the main screen on the phone and slide down the notification menu.  You will see a gear like icon that says Settings.

On the settings menu, please hit on More and then Mobile Network,  you will then need to tab on Access Point Name, the complete list of APN’s configured on the phone will show up there, we advise you to delete them all.  Then tab on the menu and select the Create new APN (or Add new) so that we start from scratch and avoid mixing up wrong settings.

You will need to type in all the related information, then Hit SAVE.  Please make sure you input both the APN Settings and MMS Settings section.  The APN Type is a very important field also.

Once everything is setup properly, your phone will display that says: 4G or LTE, 3G, H, H+.

APN Settings list for the Huawei MATE SE

In case you don’t have the related APN for your sim card (or carrier), please refer to the below links for the most common settings – if your carrier is not listed, just do a quick search on our blog and you will most likely find the one you need

Straight Talk Apn Settings for Huawei MATE SE

AT&T Apn Settings for Huawei MATE SE

Huawei MATE SE Cricket Wireless APN Settings

T-Mobile APN Settings for Huawei MATE SE

In the event that you’ve followed all steps and are still not able to connect to the internet, please refer to APN Troubeshooting guide , otherwise enjoy the high speed internet on your Huawei phone!