Huawei P20 Data and Internet Settings

Huawei P20 Data and Internet Settings

Huawei P20 Data and Internet Settings

Huawei P20 Data and Internet Settings.  You have the powerful Huawei P20 Smartphone and need to quickly setup the data and internet on it?  We’re here to help!  You will be able to browse the internet, send picture messages, whatsapp, wechat or skype call on your phone after properly landing the correct settings on the phone.

Like its predecessor, the Huawei P20 comes also with the dual lens Leica camera, which is a great feature for those who want a great quality, professional-like camera – a 20 megapixel one! It also comes with a slightly bigger battery, now with 3200 mAh.

If you just purchase the phone and need to set it up for mobile internet and sending/receiving multimedia messages, then just follow the steps below

Details Steps to configure APN Settings on Huawei P20

If you bought the phone directly from a carrier, it will normally come with the proper APN and MMS settings preloaded already, however there are times that they just don’t work or you just bought the phone from elsewhere and need to load the Settings.  These are the steps you need to follow:

Go to the main menu and tab on Settings  – like most android phones, you can also slide down the top notification menu and hit on the gear like icon.  Now look for More and tab on, after that, hit on Mobile Network, you will finally see Access Point Name – where we need to go in and update the internet settings.   If the phone already comes with some APN, you can either edit it or just create a new one, our recommendation is to create a New One, just to avoid any wrong settings being loaded in the old one

Now you need to put in all the detail APN information on each of the fields, some are quite important, like APN, MMSC and APN Type, as if some information are missing, you might not be able to send or receive picture messages.

Huawei P20 Data and Internet Settings

Huawei P20 Data and Internet Settings

Once everything is entered, you can Save, exit and test it – you should see a small icon on the upper right corner that says 4G or LTE, or probably 3G, depending on the network coverage which is on your area.  Now pls make sure your Wifi is disable and try to browse the internet

In case you don’t have the APN Values that should be used for your mobile company, please check out our APNs list and find the corresponding one, or just do a quick search in our website.

How to Reset the APN Settings on Huawei P20

Sometimes doing a quick APN Reset and fix connectivity problems and avoid messing up with changing apn values. If you want to do this, just go to  Settings – , hit on More – Mobile Network  – Access Points Names, then hit on Reset to default.

In case that after resetting the APN doesn’t fix your issues, please try to create a New One using the steps provided above and it that still doesn’t work, please take a look at APN Troubeshooting guide for more detailed resolution tips