Huawei P9 apn settings – Guide for Dummies

huawei p9 apn settings

Huawei P9 apn settings – Guide for Dummies

Huawei  P9 apn settings – Guide for Dummies.  We are going to quickly help you setup the internet settings for your Huawei P9 and Huawei P9 Plus, one of the hottest smartphone of 2016, which for sure will be part of the top wish list of this Christmas season

Besides the powerful hardware that comes equipped with the Huawei P9 one thing that really make it stands out of the rest of its competitors is undoubtedly the dual lens Leica camera, giving you a powerful professional-like camera

How to setup the apn settings on your Huawei P9

This is the quickest steps to access and configure the APN Settings on your Huawei Ascend P9 Android Phone, simple like this:

Go to the phone’s main screen, and slide down the notifications menu, go to the Shortcuts section and hit on Settings  (you can also go into the apps menu and hit the settings icon (looks like a gear) You should now click on More, and then hit on Mobile Network, then you will see Access Point Name – click on there and you will get into the APNs menu.  From there  click on the Menu option (far down), and select New APN.  Exact same steps for the P9 Plus

You will then be asked to enter the name, apn, proxy, port, etc… You should have this information from the mobile provider you are using.  In case you don’t have it, Please go into our APNs list and look it up, or just do a search in our site and you’ll most likely find it

The MMS part is important for the picture or multimedia messaging services to work properly, as sometimes people report that the internet is working but cannot send mms on the phone, so pls don’t skip this part

How to reset the APN Settings on the Huawei P9

If you already had the APN Settings set, but somehow the internet stopped working, you can also try a quick reset to see if that fixes the issue.

huawei p9 apn settings

huawei p9 apn settings

Follow the same path: Settings – More – Mobile Network  – Access Points Names, this time in the Menu option, hit on Reset to default

if after all this you still cannot connect to the internet, please take a look at our APN Troubeshooting guide

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