OnePlus 6 Data and Internet Settings

OnePlus 6 Data and Internet Settings

OnePlus 6 Data and Internet Settings

OnePlus 6 Data and Internet Settings.  Since the launche of the OnePlus brand a few years ago, it’s been one of the hottest smartphones in the market.  If you happen to have the OnePlus 6 and are not able to connect to the internet, this post is for you, so that you can enjoy this amazing 6.28 inches display and 20 MP camera phone.

Like the previous OnePlus models, the 4 and 5, it supper high speed network LTE connectivity, so please make sure you always select the corresponding APN Setting for 4G or LTE

Step by Step Details to configure Data and Internet Setting on OnePlus 6

Most of the times the APN Settings gets pre-configured or downloaded automatically once you activate the sim card, however there are cases where you do have to manually set it up, or probably the ones loaded is the latest or fastest one, in this case, these are the steps you should take to configure the APN on the One Plus 6 phone:

Before we start, just double check you do have a data plan activated on your sim card, turn off the wifi and enable the data on the phone

OnePlus 6 Data and Internet Settings

OnePlus 6 Data and Internet Settings

As most android devices, please in the main menu tab on Settings  –  You should now see something like More and then tab on Mobile Network, which will finally reveal the Access Point Name menu – This is the place we need to get into to update both APN and MMS settings.   You may see some existing pre-loaded APN there, you can just edit an existing one but we do recommend you create a new one from scratch, in this way we avoid mixing up wrong values

Many of the fields are very important and require you to type in the exact value as they are given to you, please place special attention to spaces, comma or dots.  These following fields:  APNMMSC and APN Type are pretty important and if not setup properly, can cause a lot of headaches later on

One all fields are setup, save and exit.   You can then open the browser and test to see if websites are loading.  Also try sending a MMS (multimedia or picture messages) just to make sure all settings are working fine

If you do not know the APN Settings to be used, then locate your carrier in our APNs list or just do a quick search and you should fine the one you need

Should you face any issue, please take a look at our APN Troubeshooting guide for further support

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