Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Apn Settings Easy Setup Guide

Samsung Note 5 Apn Settings

Samsung Galaxy  Note 5 Apn Settings Easy Setup Guide

Samsung Galaxy  Note 5 Apn Settings.  Samsung launched one of its flagship phones recently (Phablet) – the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 – with a brand new design, powerful hardware – camera, and a tons of extras this phone has to offer.

If you just bought the phone and you are trying to hook it up to the internet – you will need to setup the APN and MMS Settings on it – or you in the case that you are changing mobile operator, you will also need to edit these settings so that it connects correctly to the internet and allow you to send and receive data, which is key for the phone.

We will show you how to exactly do this in few easy steps, so that you can start getting the best out of this wonderful phone that Samsung has brought to you in 2015!

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Phone Apn Settings Detailed information

Samsung Note 5 Apn Settings

Samsung Note 5 Apn Settings

As we mentioned above, setting up the APN Settings on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is pretty easy and straight forward, just follow the steps bellows and you’ll be set in a few minutes

To begin with, please make sure you have an active data plan purchased, and make sure the mobile data is properly turned on.  As a second step, please access the Settings option in the main screen, or simple side down the top notification menu and press on the gear like icon to access the Settings of the phone

Please go to Mobile Data and then Access Point Names

On the APN menu,  go ahead and select the option to create a New APN.  During the APN creation, you will be prompted to enter the correct APN Settings required for your carriers, please make sure you type them exactly as they have been provided to you by your mobile operator.  In case you don’t have this information, in the next section you can find the list of most common APN Settings for your Samsung Note 5 (for major US operators).  If you are using a different carrier, pls  search the related apn information in our blog and you’ll most likely find them.

Now that you have completed the settings, click on SAVE 

Exit the menu and test your phone by browsing the internet

Samsung Note 5 Apn Settings – List of Operators in the US

For the proper APN Settings that you will need to enter in the Samsung Note 5, please identify the mobile operators you are using in the list below and click on the appropriate link

Samsung Note 5 Apn Settings Straight Talk

Samsung Note 5 Apn Settings T-Mobile

Samsung Note 5 Apn Settings AT&T

Cricket Wireless APN for Samsung Note 5

At this point you are all set with the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Apn Settings, if by any chance you need any support with this process, pls don’t hesitate to drop us a comment below and we’ll try our best to assist you!