T Mobile APN iPhone 5 – Detailed Information and Configuration

T Mobile APN iPhone 5

T Mobile APN iPhone 5 – Detailed Information and Configuration

T Mobile APN iPhone 5 – Detailed Information and Configuration.  We would like to provide you quick and accurate T-Mobile APN Settings for you iPhone 5, this article covers both the T Mobile APN iPhone 5 and MMS Settings for the iPhone 5, they are valid only for the T Mobile network in the United States.  for T-Mobile APN settings regarding another country, please visit this PAGE

What are APNs?  Well, an APN or Access Point Names  is no more than a rating table to guide your iPhone 5 to find the connection to the 3G network of T-Mobile, so that you could have mobile internet on your iPhone 5.  The T Mobile APN iPhone 5  or also called T Mobile Internet Settings for iPhone 5  is a one of a kind combination of values from the T-Mobile network, which at least should include: the name, APN, user name, password, there are some optional fields which are: server, proxy, port… that is needed to route you to the correct T-Mobile APN Server.

Most of the time T Mobile APN iPhone 5  Settings already come preloaded at the time you purchase the iPhone 5 from T-Mobile, but in case that you used to have a different cell phone provider and have just recently changed to T Mobile, chances are that you will require to change the T Mobile APN Settings for iPhone 5 on your phone.

T Mobile APN iPhone 5 Step by Step Settings:

Here are the T Mobile APN iPhone 5 settings  for iPhone 5:

  1. On the main menu of the iPhone 5 tab on Settings
  2. Look for where it says General and tab on it
  3. Now you should see Network.
  4. Before continuing, please make sure that these configurations are as shown below:
    • Data Roaming must be ON in your iPhone 5
    • Wifi: Off
    • 3G enable: On
  5. Tab on Cellular Data Network
  6. The  T Mobile APN iPhone 5 vales are the following:
    • APN – fast.t-mobile.com  (for the WAP version:  wap.voicestream.com in case the other one doesnt work)
    • Username – Leave it Blank
    • Password – Leave it Blank
  7. You will also need to configure T Mobile APN for iPhone 5 MMS Settings:
    • APN – fast.t-mobile.com
    • Username – Leave it Blank
    • Password –  Leave it Blank
    • MMSC – http://mms.msg.eng.t-mobile.com/mms/wapenc
    • MMS Proxy – Leave it Blank
    • MMS Max Message Size – 1048576
    • MMS UA Prof URL: http://www.apple.com/mms/uaprof.rdf
  8. Now configure the Internet Tethering so that you can share the mobile internet on your iPhone 5:
    • APN – pcweb.tmobile.com
    • Username – Leave it Blank
    • Password – Leave it Blank
  9. Hit the HOME button on you iPhone5 and save the above T Mobile APN iPhone 5  settings, Exit to the Main Screen
  10. Open your Safari browser and try to connect to any website, if you can connect it means that your T Mobile APN iPhone 5 is working fine.
  11. Enjoy having mobile internet on your iPhone 5!!

These T Mobile internet settings for iPhone 5 Settings should also work for other versions of iPhone.  If by any chance they are not working properly, please leave a comment below and we will address this.

T Mobile APN iPhone 5

T Mobile APN iPhone 5

Source: T-Mobile APN Settings 

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  1. Mandy

    This setting option is not available for the iphone 5s. So I cannot configure the settings manually. Maybe that is whats wrong with my internet connection? Do you have instructions for the iphone 5s?

  2. Bren

    I just don’t have a tab called Cellular Data Network. There is one called Cellular Network Data but that is under Usage so doesn’t apply here. Any suggestions?

  3. Amreen Shaikh

    Hi. I use an iphone 5c, and I’m currently a T-mobile customer. I tried following the steps listed above; however, I couldnt find the Internet Tethering option. Under Cellular Data, I have LTE Setup and MMS. Is LTE same as internet tethering? Also, video streaming is very slow on my iphone, is there any way to speed it up?

    • apnsettings

      Hi Amreen.. which apn settings have you setup on your phone?

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