What APN Type to use for Straight Talk MMS Settings

Straight Talk MMS Settings APN Type

What APN Type to use for Straight Talk MMS Settings

In the recent weeks, we have received a lot of inquiries regarding the correct MMS Type one should use to setup the MMS Settings on a Straight Talk Networks, this is a very good question, as we explained before, having a wrong APN type can cause a lot of trouble, especially preventing the phone from sending or receiving Multimedia Messages

Before jumping into determining the correct APN Type, let us explain a bit what is that value used for.  When you buy a phone from a carrier, it will come preloaded with some network configuration call APN Settings, these are the values used by your smartphone to find out how they should connect to the internet.

Correct APN Type for Straight Talk MMS Settings

Correct APN Type for Straight Talk MMS Settings

Within those set of configurations, it may also contain some information related to MMS Settings, which is required for the phone to find out the correct path and server for the multimedia messaging services, for it to be able to send and receive picture messages

Now, the APN type is one of the many fields which contains a very important piece of information:  it is used to determine whether the phone should use the configurations for data (internet) only or also for MMS (picture messages), hence depending on the usage you want to have with the phone, you will select the proper field

If you only want to use the phone to browse the internet and normal data for the applications, then you should use DEFAULT as value.  If on the other hand, you intend to also use the multimedia messaging services from Straight Talk, then you should use: default,supl,mms, for some Samsung phones, there is an option for Internet+MMS, so select this one

If you are currently experiencing issues with your multimedia messaging feature in your smartphone, you probably would like to take a deep look in the APN Type which is setup on your phone.

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In case you don’t know where to go to edit the APY Type field, for android phones, you should head to Settings / More / Mobile Network / Access Point Names.  Select the APN you want to Edit and look for the APN Type field, update the information, Save the Settings and Try browsing or sending a picture message

If after the settings you are still not able to send picture messages, read our Complete Guide to Fixing Straight Talk MMS issues for further assistance

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  1. James

    Thanks so much! I was having a problem connecting to the internet and sending picture MMS. After calling and texting Straight Talk for half a day, problem couldn’t be resolved.
    Then I found the answer from you. Just had to enter Internet+MMS. Problem solved! Thanks again!

    • apnsettings

      Great James! yeah, seems a lot of people are having MMS issues. Glad to help!

  2. Remington

    I have a samsung galaxy j7 neo that has the dual sim and its not reading my sim at all and i have spent days on it trying to figure it out will someone plz help me