No Data after updating to iOS 8 APN Issue

iOS 8 Upgrade Connectiviy Issue

No Data after updating to iOS 8 APN Issue

No Data after updating to iOS 8 APN Issue.  We have seen a lot of people having connectivity issue on their iPhones (iPhone 5, 5S) after upgrading to the latest version of iOS 8.  If you have recently done the upgrade and are experiencing a similar issue, we suggest you follow these few steps and see if it can solve the issue.

No Data after updating to iOS 8 APN Issue – Troubleshooting Steps.

APN Settings manually iOS 8

APN Settings manually iOS 8

Before we start, please double check that your iPhone can browse the internet on Wifi and the issue only exist when using the data plan you have on the iPhone.  Please check the APN Settings on your iPhone, on iOS 8 you should go to Settings > Cellular > Cellular Data Network.  Once you are in that menu, please type in manually the APN Settings for your corresponding carrier or mobile provider:

For Sraight Talk User, please refer to this Article.  If you are using T-Mobile, there is a detailed step by step configuration for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S.  For the AT&T Guys, refer to this one.  For any other carrier or if you are using a carrier outside of the USA, please check this page

Apple has release a newer version iOS 8.0.2 which fixes a few bugs found on the earliest release of iOS 8, please try upgrading it as it addresses also  a bug related to network connectivity on the iPhone, you can find the related article here

After setting up the correct APN on the iPhone running iOS 8, you should be able to browse the internet again.  If it still doesn’t solve your problem, There are some additional steps you might want to try on how to troubleshot cellular data on the iPhone from the apple support site.

Hope this helps you restore the connectivity on your iPhone 5 or iPhone 5S running iOS 8, please drop us a line if you try all the above steps and you’re still not to fix the apn issue.

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